Krupp Protze – frame assembly and some painting

The frame is done and ready for the other parts like hood, cabin and flatbed.

Frame assembly.
Frame assembly.

The exhaust pipe looks a tad bit red. Something I need to adjust with some weathering later.

The flatbed was first painted dark grey and then I added some thinned dark brown in an attempt to make it look like worn wooden planks.

The flatbed painted.
The flatbed painted.

I will do some dry brushing with different shades of grey and the seats will be painted in khaki.

Krupp Protze – more building and some painting

I started assembling the rear compartment/flatbed, which was quite straightforward. A few pieces left to glue when the pic was taken.

The rear compartment
The rear compartment.

Exhaust pipes and front wheel suspension was assembled.

Front axle and exhaust pipes.
Front axle and exhaust pipes.

From the start I intended to build as much as possible before painting, but I realised I had to paint some parts in different colors to be able to assemble it without having to try and paint details where it’s hard to reach. So on with some dark grey.

dark grey painted
Most of the parts painted in dark grey

Next I’ll paint some more, and hopefully also start assembling.

SW – Virago – finished!

I did some touching up and decided it was enough. I mounted it on its stand and took some pics with both black and white background.

It feels good to have it done and placed in the cabinet! On to the next build!

SW – Virago – almost done

I had some problems gluing the wings in the right position as the construction is a bit wobbly. Perhaps I could have sorted that somehow, but now it is as it is, and the wings can fold and unfold, if done carefully.

Virago with wings folded.
Wings folded.
Virago with wings extended.
Wings extended.

I noticed on the pics some spots that needs some touching up. Other than than it’s done, and I’ll take better pics for the final reveal.

Krupp Protze – Tamiya 1/35

I bought this kit 2nd hand at a build meet a few months ago. My intention was to start building it there, but I didn’t get very far. With the Virago underway and waiting for the wings to set, I decided to do something on this kit.

First some pics on the box and the contents.

Included in the kit was one PAK 35/36 gun and one conversion set. I haven’t decided if I’m gonna use the conversion set yet.

I started building the frame and engine. I’ll assemble as much as I can before painting. The interior and front was also assembled and the bottom and sides for the flatbed was prepared with some putty. Have to sand that later.

Next I’ll continue assembling the frame, boogies, and flatbed.

SW – Virago – weathering part 2

Using oil paints, some streaks which to some extent destroyed some of the rust I’ve already done. Not sure I’ll bother, but perhaps I’ll add some minor streaks with rust.

Some streaks added.
Some streaks added.

Soon I can start assembling it and do the final touches.

SW – Virago – weathering

I started the weathering process by doing a wash with black oil paint. Then I went over it with Tamiya’s weathering kits. First sand and then dark and light rust.

Weathering in process.
Too much rust?

I think I might have gone overboard with the rust. I’m thinking of adding some sooth and oil streaks, which might tone down the rust somewhat.

SW – Virago – clear coting

Looks like I need to check up my airbrush, as I had some difficulties laying the Pledge clear cote. It seems to be some leakage, as it was coming small bubbles in the cup even when the trigger was closed.

I tried to get it somewhat even. Perhaps I can polish it somewhat. As it dries very fast I was able to do both sides without any greater problems.

Wings clear coted.
Wings clear coted.
Body clear coted.
Body clear coted.
Finished stand clear coted.
Finished stand clear coted.

SW – Virago – sorting gears and the plaque.

In order to get the wings aligned, I decided to try and remove the cover over the gears. It went well, without anything breaking. With some luck I can glue the wings in the right position and have the mechanism work as it should.

Wing mechanism gears.
The gears for the wing mechanism showing, after removing the cover.

I also found the plaque for the stand, and started painting it. I touched up the grey fields on the stand somewhat.

The stand has been touched up.
The stand is almost done.
The plaque with basic colours painted.
The first 2 colours on the plaque done.

Next I’ll start painting the letters on the plaque, and prepare the ship for some weathering.

SW – Virago – stand and test fit.

After moving around stuff in my hobby room, I finally found the stand for the ship. I did some touching up of the black areas. Still missing the plaque though, but hopefully it’s there somewhere. I’ll just need to find out where.

The stand for the Virago ship.
The stand for the Virago ship.

I did a dry fit of the ship with wings and all on the stand.

Dry fit of ship on stand.
Dry fit of ship on stand.

There’s a mechanism inside that’s supposed to enable the wings to move, but I’m unsure of which position it is in, and the tabs that are supposed to mate inside the wings, doesn’t seem to fit very well. So I might have to glue the wings in either folded or fully extended position, whichever looks best.