Ju-87B-2 – painting the interior.

After checking on the net, it seemed like all aircraft prior to november 1941 had RLM02 interior colour, so I gave the interior a cote of that colour.
Then I painted some details black.

Interior painted RLM02 and details painted black.
Interior painted RLM02 and details painted black

I then added some more details in grey, reddish brown and white, and some belts made from tape and painted.

Detail painting nearly finished
Detail painting nearly finished.

I’ll add some wash and drybrush a lighter tone of the interior green. I’ll also touch up the instrument panel and see if I can add some more colour to it. Once done, I’ll start closing the fuselage.

Ju-87B Stuka – Revell 1/48 – build start.

This is a kit I’m building for a group build on FB called we dropped a bomb. All planes carrying bombs are allowed, and I choose the Stuka.

Ju-87B-2 Stuka boxart.
Ju-87B-2 Stuka boxart

I’ve started cleaning up cockpit and other parts, assembling some and preparing for interior paint.

Preparing for internal paint.
Preparing for internal paint.

I also prepared and glued the top and bottom wing parts.

Wing parts glued
Wing parts glued

The kit is not the newest kit, but pretty good with good fit so far.

Next I’ll paint the interior in RLM02 as this is a pre nov 41 plane. So all areas should have that colour, except some details and the instrument panel.

Fw190F-8 – more engine detailing and painting.

After some plastic rod was cut and glued between the cylinders, I considered the engine ready for paint.

Engine ready for paint.
Engine ready for paint.

I first painted the engine parts in a mix of steel and black according to the instructions. I wasn’t happy with how it turned out, and put a black wash on the lower part of the cylinder and engine housing. I did some detail painting too.

Detail painting started.
Detail painting started.

Here you can see how light the colour was compared with the black washed one.

I decided to repaint some of the parts with a much darker mix.

Parts repainted with darker metallic colour.
Parts repainted with darker metallic colour.

The guns also got some paint.

Machine guns repainted.
Machine guns repainted.

Not sure if parts of the mount should be metal or RLM02. Have to check that.

Engine rear part
Engine rear part.
Engine front part.
Engine front part.

Now I can start assembling the engine and give it all a thin wash where needed.

Fw190F-8 – Engine detailing and painting RLM02

I decided to try and add some detail to the engine. Not much, but enough to catch some interest. I started drilling holes in the cylinders, and then I cut copper wire and glued with CA.

Engine details added.
Engine details added.

On the front part I’ll fold and glue the other ends to the ring. The rear ones have to wait until after the two engine halves are painted and glued.

I also assembled some bombs and pylons.

Underwing bombs glued.
Underwing bombs glued

The engine room, flaps, wheel bays and gears got some RLM02.

RLM02 painted
RLM02 painted

I need to touch up a few spots and then the gear struts needs some plumbing.

I need to get more lead wire though as I can’t find the little I had.

New arrivals today 01-17

I got three parcels collected today at different delivery stations. First one Molotov liquid chrome refill and then some more neccessary colours.

Colours that arrived today
Colours for face painting, german WW2 planes and Steve Mcqueens Bullit Mustang.

Lastly I got help to collect the last parcel with these two kits.

MiG-23mf Bedna box
RX-178 Gundam Mk-II box
RX-178 Gundam Mk-II box

Quite cool and I’m very happy! 🙂

Fw190F-8 – prepping parts for paint and assembly.

It kinda started with the engine parts, that are next more or less. Quite a lot of flash in some places like between the cylinders.
One strange thing is that the instructions tells you to cut away a bit of sprue between each cylinder. But after looking at pics there is actually something between each cylinder, so I might just have left it as it was.

Cleaning up engine parts.
Cleaning up engine parts.

For some reason I continued cleaning up more parts like bombs and flaps. I’ve also glued the bombs and the drop tank.

more cleaning up and assembling.
More cleaning up and assembling.

Next I’ll start to paint the engine parts in different metal colours, and then all parts that need it in RLM02.