Reading for the New Year week, 28th to 3d of januari 2021.

This week I’m letting the Goddesses tell what the end of this year and the start of the next will bring.

The cards for new years week.
The cards for new years week

Monday to wednesday.

The first card for this week is Gaia, mother Earth and it says “Being grounded, slowing down, and remaining present in your body is the message that the Greek goddess Gaia haas for you right now. Perhaps you’ve spent too much time in your head lately and have taken as good care of yourself as you would have liked. Get into a rhythm, make sure you get enough sleep, commit to spending more time in nature, and eat sustainably with conscious awareness. Gaia, the earth, mother of all life, invites you to pay attention to your body for you are a creature of the earth as well as spirit.
You are part of this living earth, which is the foundation for all of life that has physical form. What form does your life take? This is the perfect time to take a closer look to ensure you’re happy with it. You’re also asked to examine the foundation of what you are building now. Does it feel solid and stable? Now is the perfect time to focus on stability and security, ensuring you move forward in a grounded way.
The goddes Gaia reminds you that the earth is the playground for conscious manifestation, so be respectful of this truth.

New years eve and new years day.

The second card is the Goddess Kali, Liberation, reversed and it says “When resentment and anger fester below the surface, the unprossed emotions simmer until they boil over. It’s eay to project anger, envy, and ancient inherited rage on others we percieve as the source of or discontent. When something triggers these emotions, we can project onto strangers as well as the people closest to us. Nobody wins when such pain is unleashed in the world.
Take heart, for you are not alone. Know that rage and fury must have a place to be expressed, and you can use this energy to make something extraordinary and find a new way. The fierce liberation goddess Kali offers her daggers to help you cut the ties to stories you tell about your past once you have expressed and processed them. No matter what your conditions, your alignment task is to find a way to channel this rage, this anger, these feelings into creativity. Make something of it, of yourself, so you don’t create destruction just because you can.
Be willing to be teachable even if it feels uncomfortable. When you know more, you can do better. Be willing to take full accountability for the energy you bring to the world. Kali knows the fierce dark love she brings you will not always be comfortable, anad the process of transformation requires rigorous self-honesty. You have what it takes; now make something meaningful and be someone you’re proud of.

The weekend.

The last card for this new years week is Mnemosyne, the Past, reversed and it says “Our stories can hold us hostage to a past that no longer serves us. The goddess of memories, Mnemosyne, reminds you that running away from painful memories and pretending that wrongs haven’t been commited does nothing to help you truly find meaning and purpose. Your alignment task is to stop and take inventory of the past and the stories that keep you tied to it and defined by it. She calls you to be rigorously honest about the areas in your life where you have been wounded as well as where you may have wounded others. Dig deep to uncover your unconscious biases and triggers. Know that it may be a messy experience as you surrender to the truth that you can’t control the outcome or other people’s reactions when you are ready to make real shifts.
The world is changing, and to be part of its glorious unfolding you are being invited to do this deep work. Miracles are waiting for you once you seet yourself free and allow your memories of the past to lead you to the truth. Transformation comes with a price. Leaving some of your old self behind isn’t easy, but is necessary to become the one you have been waiting for. You will rise up from this mess, and only beauty and strength will remain.


Interesting cards for the end of this year and the beginning of the next! Gaia reminds us to slow down as we so long wanted this year to be over. If we don’t slow down we will continue with the same speed into the next year. We might not want that! We also need to take care of our selves. Good health is a good basis to resist most diseases.
In the middle of the week, which is when the shift from this year to the so longed after next year, we are told to channel our anger into something good, instead of just letting it out.
And later in the week we’re reminded to let go of the stories that no longer serves us! What a good beginning of a new year were we anew. The world is indeed changing, and we have the opportunity to make it a good one!

Are there things you can do to improve your health and fitness?
What can you do to transform your anger into something good?
What stories are you holding on to?

With this reading I’m wishing you all a Happy New Year! 🙂

Secret Santa kit started!

I decided to have a go, and started to build the kit I got from my Secret Santa.
Nothing much so far. I’ve started cleaning up and filling some ejection pin marks on the floor and inside of the walls.

Build start!
Build start!

Not sure how much of it that will show as there will be a ceiling, but better safe than sorry.

Next to do is all the seats and some other interior parts. Some of those need paint ahead of assembly.

Secret Santa gift reveal.

This is what I got from my Secret Santa this year.

My Secret Santa gift
My Secret Santa gift

It looks like a nice little kit and can be a fun build as I normally don’t build modern armor stuff. I will start building asap as that’s part of the Secret Santa group build.

Gift from Secret Santa 2020

As I’m participating in a Secret Santa group build, we all have exchanged our gifts.
And here’s the one I got.

Secret Santa gift
Secret Santa gift

What’s inside will be revealed after we had our ordinary Christmas gift exchange.

Merry Christmas!

Weekly reading for the Christmas week, 21th to 27th of december.

This week is the Christmas week and starts out with the winter solstice on the 21th. I choose to work with my Angel tarot cards, and here’s what they tell us this week.

Christmas week cards
Christmas week cards

Monday to wednesday.

The first card is “Knight of air” and it says “Events that occur with great speed. Take time to carefully review your options. Creative solutions”. Events in your life go into high speed! Your plans can now be implemented, and you shold see a great deal of activity. Intellect and creativity rule the day, so adopt nontraditional viewpoints. Take the time to consider choices carefully.

Christmas eve and Christmas day.

The card for the Christmas days is “Six of earth” reversed and it says “Gifts of money, time, or effort. Career opportunities. Recieving a loan or paying of debts”. Abundance is on the way. The Universe loves a grateful heart and rewards gratitude with more abundance. You may be the recipient of this bounty or the giver. Gifts may be monetary or take some other form, such as an opportunity, advice and so forth.
New career opportunities present themselves involving those who can be relied upon to be fair and responsible. Promotions, bonuses, and financial rewards are all possible at this time.
Being reversed gives this card extra focus and I think focus on gratitude and giving, and also giving room to recieve is important during this time of giving that Christmas usually is. Give more of love, joy and peace!

The weekend.

The last card for this week is “The Dreamer” reversed and it says “A leap of faith. Follow your dreams. Unexpected opportunities”. The angels brings you this card because you’re entering a new and exiting phase of your life. It’s important that you believe in yourself and know that the benevolent Universe wants you to succed. Now is the time for faith, and commitment to your dreams! Take any neccessary steps to move forward with confidence.
Listen to your inner guidance about following your dreams, but be open to information from others regarding the detailed steps to take. You may need additional input or guidance from an expert before proceeding, but don’t let this stall your forward movement. Actively seek the insight you need.
As the the previous one this one is reversed which puts focus on trusting yourself and your dreams and to have faith.


Seems like things are happening fast at the beginning of the week, but we also have to carefully review our options. This is also a time for giving and recieving, but don’t forget to be grateful both for what you have and what you get, and also that you’re able to give!
Have faith and follow your dreams!

With this reading I wish you’ll a Merry Christmas!

Little progress on my He-111 build

First a little filler here and there. Actually not very much, and a minimum of sanading, so that’s nice!

Filler in seams
Filler in seams.

Then I assembled the landing gears.

Landing gears assembled
Landing gears assembled

I also started sorting all the glass pieces. Here’s the ones for the front.

front glass pieces.
Front glass pieces

Inside the top part of the glass there should be an instrument panel. With some paint and decals added it looks like this.

Instrument panel
Instrument panel

I added coolers to the bottom of the nacelles and then I painted them and a few other things in RLM02.

Coolers painted
Coolers painted
Landing gears, gunners seat and bottom of intakes painted.
Landing gears, gunners seat and bottom of intakes painted

I got some detail painting on the gears to do, and pretty soon I really do need to start masking the windows, and check all the seams.

Weekly reading for week 51, 14th to 20th of december.

This week I felt drawn to us my new Magick path deck, and here are the cards for this week.

Cards for week 51
Cards for week 51

Monday to wednesday.

The first card for the week is “Guidance” reversed and it says “Your Intuitive Vision guides You towards Your True North, allow it to lead the way!” Trust your inner guidance as it will get you where you want. Perhaps is something distracting you. Much happening in the world right now that tends to lead us astray, or perhaps you listen too much to your head instead of your heart. Be confident that your inner guidance, your compass will lead you right!

Thursday and friday.

The second card is “Roots” reversed and it says “Stability comes from Your Roots. Go back to Your Origins and ground into their depths.” Maybe you feel like you’re loosing your stability somehow. Most often it is just a feeling, but could have other causes. Do things to ground yourself, like meditating, talking walks in the nature, feel the ground.

The weekend.

The last card for this week is “Purpose” reversed and it says “There is an “Aim of the Soul” in Your Pregnancy. You are bearing Your Creature for a specific Purpose.” Pregnancy ism’t neccessary literal. It can mean being “pregnant” with ideas or something you’re creating. Sometimes we can feel uncertain of our purpose or what we’re here to do. Don’t worry you’ll find your way, just relax and trust the Universe. You might not see it right now, but eventually it will show. Meanwhile enjoy the ride!


Three reversed cards and they all seem to connect as there seems to be a lack of guidance, roots and purpose, and one connects to the other. Trust the guidance and get back to your roots then the purpose also will find it’s way back.

What guidance do you seek?
How can you connect to your roots?
What can you do to find your purpose?

He-111H-6 wings glued.

Now I’ve done some more on my He-111. First I had to sort some seams that had opened up. Not sure if the nail polish remover works as good as glue anymore. So back to Revells bottle and re-glue the seams. Then I glued the wing halves and the wing halves to the body.
I also glued the engine nacelles, and I must say the fit is very good. If there’s any flaws it’s probably my own doing.

First wing glued.
Both wings glued.
Both wings glued.
Stabilizeres/rudders glued.
Stabilizers/rudders glued

Next up will be the landing gears and then the front glass and other details.

One seet of landing gear parts.
One set of landing gear parts

Weekly reading for week 50 7th to 13th of december.

This week I choose to work with the Goddess Power oracle deck, or perhaps it choose me.
I also just interviewed the deck and it gave me some both interesting and beautiful answers. They use to talk about female intution, and yes intuition is a female energy, not saying a guy can’t connect to his feminine side and his intuition. I’m trying to do that daily as it helps me and guides and others. Here’s the advice from the Goddesses this week.

Cards for week 50
Card for week 50

Monday to wednesday.

The first card is “Leizi – Revelation” and it says “There are moments when synchronicity brings all the elements together for a flash of insight to rise up in you in a glorious epiphany. Whatever was not clear becomes crystalline in an instant. It’s as if you are able to simultaneously percieve every facet in a diamond. You know without a doubt that you’re on the right track as deep understanding sinks into your very soul. In this moment change and transformation takes place, and a transcendent moment is offered to you as an extraordinary gift.
Now is one of those time. The Chinese goddess Leizi, mother of lightning, brings revelations into your life with a flash. She gifts you this as a result of all the hard work you have put into dismantling your old self and making space for who you want to become. This is a very auspicious time”.

Thursday and friday.

The second card is “Mama Qocha – Water” and it says “The world we inhabit began from the oceanic waters of life and the waters that surrounded us in the womb – both of which are the domain of the Incan goddess Mama Qucha. We are most attuned to the qualities of water as the elelment of water symbolically represents our emotions. Our emotions move us to make and percieve the world as we know it.
The beauty in this truth is found by observing water in all her properties and forms. Water is fluid and passes through cracks and flaws in hte ground without stress, moving around obstacles and patiently wearing away the most jagged rocks until they are smooth and gleaming. Water ebbs and flows, comes and goes in a powerful rhythmic motion as the seas and oceans reveal their promise of release and return. Water rises up from the ground and seeds the clouds, and then rains upon the earth to ensure growth and sustain life. Water turns to hard ice and blankets the world in a protective shell, even of soft snow, allowing the dormancy of life to herald a time of dreaming. Then the ice melts and the cycles begin again.
The answer to your question lies in determining what form of water reveals the conditions of your life and recognizing the next evolution of your life’s potential. If you’re in an ebb, you can expect a flow; if things are temporarily frozen, soon they will melt. If it seems that your world is too wet and temporary shelter is needed, you can expect new tgrowth and sunny days again. Mama Qocha reminds you that the waters of your life are perfect as they are now and just as perfect the way they will evolve. Unlimited potentioal is revealed when this goddess comes to visit”.

The weekend.

The last card is “Yuki Onna – Stillness” reversed or in this case it’s called alignment message, and it says “Some days you wake up frozen, stuck and unable to move due the effects of emotional denial and resistance to what is in front of you. Or maybe you are exhausted, spent from the emotional burden of your current situation. The winter goddess Yuki-Onna has come to help you move out of and past this experience into a healthier state of stillness.
When you are frozen, it’s the ego that is refusing to accept life on life’s terms, potentioally causing you fear and depression. A particular situation pr person may be causing you to see yourself as a victim. The goddess Yuki-Onna reminds you that this is but a temporary moment in the millions of moments of your life. The task she has for you is to answer one question: will you trust the Great Goddess in the universe to be your active partner in co-creating? If so, slow down and let all your troubles go, and you will see the miracles life has to offer you”.


I think this week is a good week to get both new ideas and then reflect on them to be able to transform. For that to happen we need to be in stillness and allow the goddesses and the univers to help us. Kinda fitting winter theme with this reading. Unfreezing might take some time, but will happen eventually. Thinking a little about Elsa in Frozen, who eventually learns how to control her powers.

What form of water are you now and which do you need to become?
Can you be in stillness to figure out what you need to do to “unfreeze” and move forward?