P-51D Mustang – part 4

I’ve started painting the wings and other areas that should have painted aluminium colour.

I must accidently have touched something when handling the plane. Trying to sort it with the paint still wet perhaps wasn’t the best idea.

I have do redo that later and once dry I can start masking for the other metal colour.

Sd.kfz 222 – part 3

Time to get some paint on.

I’ll check so I haven’t missed any spots. If not, then it’s time for decals.

I also need to get the covers done and the commander painted.

Sd.kfz 222 – part 2

I added parts to the fenders and prepared a few other parts.

Some time later almost all parts was glued in place.

Soon time to get some paint on and also assemble the commander and paint him.

Sd.kfz 222 Leichter panzerspähwagen – Tamiya 1/35

I bought this kit in one of those nostalgic impulses I get when I see kits that I’ve built when I was young. As I’m participating in a WW2 group build and my Mustang just had got some putty on that needed to dry before I can sand it properly, I decided to have a go at this kit.

This is an older kit without PE that comes with the newer ones.

The build starts with the lower hull, and it didn’t take long before I had to use putty on this one as well.

So I just had to let that dry for a while.
Once dry I could continue the build. I mounted the frame and drive line parts, and prepared the wheels for assembly.

Then a while later the wheels was assembled.

I then started gluing parts to the upper hull and preparing parts to the gun.

Then the gun parts got some paint as I need the gun to be painted before proceeding.

Next will be assembly of the gun and getting it in place so the hull parts can be glued together.

P-51D Mustang – part 3

I glued the canopy glass to the frame and painted the front rim black.

Then a few parts got interior colour painted.

The pilot was touched up and glued in place, as well as the sight glass (again).

The canopy was masked and glued in place.

There’s a small gap between the canopy and the front glass. Partly caused by me as I wanted the glass to fit flush with the rear slope on the frame.
I’ll sort the gap with plastic stripes.

Next up is primer.

P-51D Mustang “Man O War” – part 2

The wings and stabilizers went on very well and only needed just a little putty to look alright.

I painted the prop blades and canopy frame black.

As the sight was missing (I lost it somehow), I had to make a replacement lookalike.

Then paint it and put it in place.

Looking at the pic I noticed a few mistakes that I need to sort by masking and repainting.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to use the pilot or try to do seat belts. I started painting the pilot. But sitting up late painting figures while tired wasn’t good. I have to do a bit of touch up on the pilot as well.

I did a mock up with the pilot in place.

Might work if I get the pilot painted properly.

MiG-21PF – Eduard 1/48 – Final reveal

With the missiles in place and the weathering done, I’ll consider this build finished!

It is a nice kit that goes together very well and barely needs any filler. I used a little on the wings where they meet the fuselage and some sprue glue took care of the seams on the fuselage and along the spine.
I wouldn’t mind building one more in another scheme if I get the opportunity to get one.

Here’s some pics of the finished build!

The MiG now sits nicely in my cabinet, so on to the next build! 🙂

MiG-21PF – part 6

I added the missiles and then started weathering with Flory’s Grime wash.

I then removed the excess wash once it had dried.

I then repeated the process on the underside and lastly I used black oil wash to dirty down a few spots a bit more.

The result of the weathering will be posted in the final reveal.

MiG-21PF – part 5

As I participated in a 1/48 scale SIG group build, I had a deadline yesterday (31th of may) I had to try and finish it.

Part of the struggle was all the stencils. I decided to not use all of them. Instead I tried to put stencils where it was most noticable.

Then it was time to glue gears and all missing parts.

On the other side I glued pitot tube and antenna, and removed the tape from the canopy.

I also wanted to missiles in place, but due to stress I messed it up a bit.

I removed the missiles before I took pics for the final reveal.

Now I’ll glue the missiles properly and do some weathering, and then take new pics.