Combat Patrol – Orks – Warhammer 40k

This is one of the 24 (as far as I know) available Combat Patrol boxes from Games Workshop. Which is their new starter sets instead of the Start Collecting boxes.
As I understand it the troops included make up about 500 points. This is enough to have smaller battles that takes from half an hour to an hour.
Normal battles consist of troops worth 2-3000 points and usually takes a while longer to play. This box is supposed to be a good starting point to build your army.

The build of the figures is fairly easy as it’s push fit and supposed to go together with no glue. I snip or sand the tabs a bit to ensure that they don’t stop at the bottom of the hole. This is to prevent the parts from not going together properly. The fit of these kits is very good so it might not be needed, but still, just in case.

Here’s some build pics!

Big boss in armour.

First boss nob.

The first few boyz.

Three deff koptas.

The Deff Dredd. I actually got one of the very pointy spikes in my finger, which drew a drop of blood!

All the figures in the box built!

I’ve started painting black primer on some of them and that is the next step I’ll be working with on these guys. I’ll also use grey and white primer to do zenithal highlighting before I start to paint them.

P-51D Mustang – part 5

After sorting the little misshap it was time to mask and paint some areas with another metal tone.

The tape removed!

After some more masking and painting black and red was added selected areas.

As can be seen I’ve sanded a bit on the spine, and also on the underside. After some re-paint it looked like this!

It’s easy to get wear on the already painted areas. I’ll sort a few more and then it’s time to sort the camo.

Newly arrived – 5th of july 2023

I got this in a parcel today. My little package from Eduard.

This means I’m now a member of Eduards Bunny Fighter club.
Under the Mighty Eighth box is an overtree box for the Mustang and I also got a set of etched parts.

With the order I also got a nice beer glass!