About me

I’m a musician with a knack for tarot reading and love building plastic models.

To take it from the beginning, I was born and raised in Halmstad a small city on the west coast of Sweden. Halmstad have beautiful beaches of which Tylösand is the most known. In the summer Halmstad usally have a lot of tourists, sunbathing, windsurfing or perhaps visiting our local city festival, or visiting the local sales market on the central town square. Halmstad is also a well known golf city for those that are into that sport.

As we had an old piano in our home I showed interest in playing and luckily we had a piano teacher right across the street. So for a few years I took lessons, until my father thought it took too much time from my school work, so I had to quit.

My brother started taking guitar lessons, but got bored after a while, so I kind of “inherited” the guitar, and with the help of him and the books I learned a few cords. I picked a bit here and there from friends as well, and eventually learned play well enough to play songs from assorted song books. Btw. I still have the guitar.

In the 80’s I started playing saxophone, inspired by bands like Madness, Specials, Bruce Springsteen and all the blues and rock bands that had saxophone or brass sections.
I played in a brass band for a bout 4 years and also played in a blues/rock band.

Two great interests that I picked up during a young age is model building and drawing, which I’ve pursued to and fro through my life. It actually was my dad that introduced me to model building. One day he brought home a Saab Draken kit, which we built together more or less. I remember it had a spring loaded missile. I later figured out that the kit was of the Lindberg brand. Somewhere in the 70´s there was issued a warning of sorts, saying that colours and stuff could be hazardous to your health. As school wasn’t going very well, my dad thought that was the reason, and said I had to quit building. Something I managed to work around, by keeping things secret, a kind stay at home mom, and a friend who was son to a friend of my dad and being a divorce child, visited his dad during the summer holiday. Building model kits is a great part of what I do on my spare time and also what I blog about on this site.

During my childhood I grew up with the music of Glenn Miller and Louis Armstrong as well as music from musicals like Sound of Music. I also loved watching all those musicals with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and all those awesome artists that were singing and dancing their way in all those musicals shown on teve when I was groving up.
I also remember listening a lot to Beatles as they was very popular when I grew up. I think I can’t have been very old when I run around and sang “She loves you yeah yeah yeah”, not really knowing what it meant at that time. Also a lot of Elvis movies was played during my childhood.
My 2 years younger brother listened a lot to The Sweet and Alice Cooper, which of course also influnced my music taste, one way or the other. He later got involved with drugs, mainly hashish and marijuana, and with that came all the music connected with smoking weed. Great artists like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh was at times played around the clock.
In my late teens the 50’s was brought back with movies like Grease and other rock’n’roll movies. Also the cloth style was brought back and in the early 80’s I socialized with the “greasers”, slicked back hair and all. Listening a lot to 50’s and 60’s rock music and cruising around in our cars.
It was during the mid 80’s that I started playing saxophone and also blues harp, and thanks to a job I had, came in contact with other musicians and joined a blues and rock band, which lasted for a few years, before the band split up.

After quite a lot of playing in the 80’s much of it came to a halt as I had to sell off instruments due to overspending and perhaps also drinking a bit too much alcohol. The only instruments I kept was my ackustic guitar, my Höfner “Paul McCartney” viola bass and a few blues harps. I’ve later bought new instruments which was an expensive lesson to learn, but learned never the less.

Being a Gemini, there’s always a new interest to pick up, and thanks to work in the late 80’s I came in contact with people who played role playing games. As with many of my interests I do them very intensively for a period of time, which most often means a few years. I DM’d the Swedish counterpart to D&D/AD&D and a post apocalypse game called Mutant as well a few other games of interest. Actually I bought quite a few games just out of curiosity to read the rules and get a feel for the game.
Being a model builder, a big part of the fun was to paint the figures, so I ended up painting both NPC’s and player figures. At that time both games and figures was easy accessable in local shops. Now all my role playing stuff is residing in a drawer waiting for the right to to pick them up and start playing again, and with my new found interest in Critical Role and online live RPG’s it might happen pretty soon.

Some interests have grown over time, and I really never abandoned anything I took a fancy for, I just shift interest, and pick them up later. Usually meaning that the interest I had until then goes on hold for a while. One interest that have followed since I was young is my interest for astrologi as well as other ways to “read” the future. I remember as a kid there was a lady visiting my grandma and her sewing circle, a lady that could read coffee sediment. I was too young to be read, but I was allowed to watch, and that sparked an interest in divining methods. My mother was always reading the astrology charts in the ladies magazines. I found that interesting and started reading more about it. I also heard about tarot and being curious I bought my first deck, which happened to be the Tarot of the witches as it appeared in the 007 movie “Live and Let Die”. At first I just used the little booklet that came with the deck, but later I bought a book that told more on how to make readings and how to interpret the cards.
My 2nd deck was Aleister Crowley’s Thoth tarot, which looked very nice with beautiful paintings, but which I found hard to read. My 3:d deck was the Rider Waite deck, which I still use today. For me it felt a lot easier to understand and intuitively figure what I needed to know when doing my readings. I started reading for fun at parties, but ended ut scaring both my clients and myself with the “unexpected” precision in the answers/readings. I also got a bunch of friends that wanted me to read cards for them ever so often, which at some point got very tiresome, so I put away my cards for quite some time. Many years to be exact. A few years ago I decided to pick it up again and joined a tarot community of which I’m still a member. Now my intention is to go pro and make money with my skills.

One thing I’ve realized is that most of the things I do is outlets for my creativity and intuition, and it’s also a way for me to create joy for me and and others, listening to my music or seeing my artistic expressions. I also feel that I can serve others with my readings and my creativity.