About me

Hello and welcome!

My name is Håkan and I’m a multi-instrumentalist songwriter who reads tarot.

Born and raised in Halmstad, a small city on the west coast of Sweden, my first instrument was the piano, and then I found the guitar.

My childhood was filled with music. Everything from the Beatles, Elvis, the Sweet and Alice Cooper, to Glen Miller and Louis Armstrong. I loved watching musicals with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, sitting in awe of their talent.

Inspired by bands like Madness, Specials, and Bruce Springsteen, I picked up the saxophone and began playing in the brass band “Halmstad stadsmusikanter” (Halmstad City Musicians). From there, I joined a blues/rock band, also playing piano and blues harp, and am currently in the Joyvoice choir in Sweden.

My brother listened to a lot of reggae, and it was a shared love. I have many memories of listening together, so when he passed away at an early age, I made the decision to honor him and our relationship by playing the music of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and UB40, creating a special bond with this genre.

Being a Gemini, I had a twin interest to music and astrology. Ever since I was young, I loved discovering ways to “read” the future. When I was a kid, a woman visiting my grandma’s sewing circle would read coffee sediment. I was too young to get a reading, but I was allowed to watch, and that sparked an interest in divining methods.

My mother was always reading the astrology charts in magazines, I would peek over her shoulder and want to read more. My interest led me to tarot, and I bought my first deck, the Tarot of the Witches as it appeared in the 007 movie “Live and Let Die”.

And things began to happen.

Tarot felt easy to understand and intuitively figure out. I started reading for fun at parties, but wasn’t prepared for the unexpected precision in the answers that arose in the readings. So I put away my cards for quite some time. Many years to be exact.

But the calling never died, and I found myself seeking deeper meaning in my life after many years of silence, and embarked on a spiritual journey to understand what I had been afraid of. This journey opened an inner courage that led me to pick up the cards again. Then, as synchronicities happen, a friend asked if I still did readings, and I decided to return to my passion to help people and aid them in their most important decisions in their lives.

So, welcome to my magical, musical world.

Here you will find music to create joy in your life and readings to create clarity.

You no longer have to wander lost.

Your answers await.