Ghazghkull Thraka – final reveal

Here’s some pics of my latest figure or figures, Ghazghkull Thraka and his standard bearer.

I’m quite happy with how it turned out, even though I made a few mistakes like assembling it fully before painting.

Ghazghkull Thraka – part 2

With the big guy done it was time to turn the attention to Makari the standard bearer.

It’s a bit hard to take good pics of him as he is leaning forward.

Both of them!

A little grass added.

I added a few details on Ghaz and now both are done!

I took pics for the final reveal, but wasn’t happy with how they turned out.

The colours doesn’t look quite right. I’ll take new pics with black or white background, I only need to move all the boxes that is covering them at the moment.

GhazGhkull Thraka – Ork hero boss – WH40k – Games Workshop.

I started building this kit in August. Probably at the build weekend I attended.
As with many of the other builds I did there, I more or less forgot to take proper pics, but let’s start with the box.

The first build pic was from the meeting.

Then everything got painted black.

In retrospect it was a bit of a mistake to build the whole figure as some parts are very hard to reach when painting.

A little bit of metal painted.

Once I got home a little more got painted.

This is a pic of all my boss figures.

Some stirland mud painted on the base.

After some detail painting on the base, some grass was added to the base.

And for the third time I’ve glued the broken thrown out shells.

Just some detail touching up to do and Ghaz is done.

Left to do is his standard bearer Makari.

New arrivals 31th of August 2023

Those three kits have arrived lately.

All three are pretty expensive kits that I would love to start building anytime soon.
The Citroën have instructions in french only which might be a small problem.

Ork Trukk – WH40k- final reveal

This was a fairly quick build, even though the kit have a few problems with fit locations.
It’s no big problems to sort, and now this one is finished!

It would be fun to build one for one of the other clans and get a little more bright colours!

Ork trukk – part 2

I did some more work and added the missing parts. Then I used thinned out pale sand to give tires and a few other spots a sandy look. Trying to make it look like sand had collected in some places. I used a brush but perhaps I should have misted it on with the airbrush instead.
Anyway I think I’ll consider it done!

I’ll take some proper pics for the final reveal later.

Ork Trukk – Warhammer 40k – Games Workshop

As I’m already building a lot of orks, I thought this truck or trukk could be a nice addition.

The chassie was fairly easy.

Next part of the build was the engine.

Not long after it was time for some black paint.

After painting the engine, tires and frame, I could start assembly a bit.

Then I painted some more parts in rust and different metal colour.

I think I achieved a nice rusty metallic feel to the whole vehicle.
Next some more parts was painted black.

Then it was time to assemble a bit more.

I had to build and test fit the two figures before I could paint them properly.

Some more painting done.

Close up on the figures!

I put the figures in place as well as the wrecking ball and the ramps.

Not much left to do! I need to sort the exhaust pipe as I wasn’t happy with how it looked and then there’s one more part to get in place. Looks like exhaust pipes of some kind but the instructions aren’t very clear on where they should go.

I think I’ll need to get the large pipe in place first and then try to figure the small pipes.
Once that is done I’ll start making the finishing touches by adding some dirt and touching up small mistakes.

Citroën traction 11CV w/7 Luftwaffe crew figures – Tamiya 1/48

I talked with a friend of mine and he showed me the dio he was working on, and in it there was this Citroën, that I thought looked quite nice. I checked the hobby shop and found this set with car and crew. I thought it could fit well in a dio with a plane.

I started building it on the build weekend the other week. Except for some glimpses in other pics I seem to have forgotten to take proper pics.
So I took a pic of what I had done so far.

I had problems painting with the clear cote at the meeting and it didn’t turn out as I had hoped.
I layed another cote today that is just slightly better.

Hopefully I can polish away some of the blemishes once the paint have cured properly.

Meanwhile I’ll start painting the figures.

My intention is to create a dio with the Fw190 I’m building.

Fw190A-3 – update 3

The parts inside the canopy was assembled.

Tires, gears and some other small parts was painted.

The propeller was masked and painted aluminium.

Then the propeller and hub was assembled.

I made the shoulder belts and glued and painted the sight glass.

Next will be to sort some of the seams, glue the front window and the canopy.
Hopefully I can start priming and painting soon.