SW – Virago – painting and chipping done.

All the wings and the body is now painted in their main colour.

All parts painted.
All parts painted.

There’s a slight difference in the colour on one of the wings and half the body, due to a little mistake I made when mixing the colours. Something I realized too late. I’m not sure if I can correct it without masking and repainting again,which will take some time. Perhaps a light cote of lighter colour will sort it. Otherwise I can pretend that parts have been replaced or repainted.

I’ve also started to paint some of the details.

Black details added
Black details added.
Black details added.

I’ll add some more details and clean up some minor mistakes. Once that is done I think it’s ready for assembly.

SW – Virago – painting and chipping

The paint on the Virago consists of a mix between grey and brown, and the only available colours (matching the colour description) I have is Humbrol, which takes a bit longer to dry sometimes. I’m using vaseline as chipping method.

One of the wings before vaseline and 2nd cote of colour.

Masked wing, almost ready for paint.
Before vaseline and 2nd cote of colour.

2 of the wings with 2nd colour painted on the topside.

2 wings with the topside painted.
2 wings with topside painted.

One of the wings done and unmasked.

First wing ready
First wing ready.

I’m quite happy with how it turned out. Gonna go over the chipped areas with a brush later.

Half of the body is also painted.

Half of the body painted.
Half of the body painted.

Next I’ll paint the last wing and the underside of the other two, and paint the 2nd half of the body.

SW – Virago – unmasking and some more painting

Now I’ve unmasked the wings, and will later mask the painted areas, which will require thin stripes of masking tape to cover the edges and pattern on the wings.

Unmasked Virago wings
Unmasked after painting first colour.

I’ve also masked and painted some black on some areas of the body.

Some areas painted black
Some areas painted black.

Once the wings are masked, both the body and the wings will be painted in the same colour. I just hope there will be a visible difference.

SW Virago – masking and painting the wings

After quite some tedious masking, I could mix and paint the first colour, one side at the time.

I might need to do a 2nd layer before removing the tape and start masking for the next colour. The body and engine still needs to be painted, which will be the next step after the wings are done.

Star Wars – Shadows of the Empire – Virago – AMT 1/60

This build was originally started in 2012 and main body and ‘wings’ was assembled and partially painted with dark gray as a base colour. This colour will be visible when the chipping is done.

When picking up the build I finished the base colour paint job, and started masking for the first colour. So far I’ve only masked one of the wings as masking them was quite tedious.

Star Wars Virago, base colour painted
Base colour painted.
Star Wars Virago, first wing masked
First wing masked.

P-47D Thunderbolt – Academy 1/48

This build was started on a yearly build-weekend held a bit outside Gothenburg. During that weekend I managed to come quite far and got the main body and wings assembled.

Once I got home the build continued and I’ve painted propeller, wheels and landing gear. I’ve also dipped the canopy parts in Johnson Pledge.

I’ll mask the canopies and prepare for primer as soon as the canopy is in place. It seems like I need to get some new paint for the zinc chromate areas, and I will order that and some other colours asap.

The kit box art