New addition to my wall

The other day I visited Susanne Wärn-Persson in her gallery called “Lilla Paris”/Little Paris, and bought a painting from her. She got a lot of very beautiful and often very colourful paintings with thoughtful themes. The one I choose to buy is this one, called “Guardian Angel”.

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel

I had a great time there, chatting away over a cup of coffee, with her and my eldest son, who was driving as i had a sore thumb.

You can find her art here

More metallic colours!

Or in this case just one, Molotov’s liquid chrome.

Chrome ink pen
Chrome ink pen.

I’ve heard of them for quite some time, but never got to buy any of them until now, when I found it in my local art and hobby shop.

Can think of a few places on my models I can try it out on. I’ll be back with a report on how it worked.