2001: a space odyssey – moon bus – Moebius 1/55

I got this kit in a Secret Santa exchange last year, and now I’ve finally found time to build it.

Classical fold out instructions.

I think the original Aurora kit was made in 1969 which in a way tells with the somewhat wonky figures, but other than that it’s actually quite nice,

I started with the floor and general bottom assembly.

I had to use putty on the rear wall and bulk heads, which is quite good considering it’s an old kit. Most other ejection marks aren’t visible. I also assembled parts to the landing legs, and the seats was prepared for paint later.

I saw a build video and plan to do some of the changes he did, like adding wire to the exhausts instead of the plastic protrution they come with.

I think I’ve actually assembled a little too much and should have paint floor and panels separately. Now I need to paint, mask and paint and so on instead.

Next will be primer and interior paint.

Starting my new business!

For quite some time (years), I’ve been thinking of starting a business, with tarot readings as the main source of income. At least to start with. I intend to expand it later with my music and perhaps even some paintings and other artistic stuff.

As I’m being pushed by circumstances, it’s no more time for procrastination, and I’ll start my business as soon as possible. There’s a small fee to register a company here in Sweden, and that might have to wait until I get my next payment.

There are a few things that needs to b e sorted. This site is one of them. I need to check that everything is in order, or at least as good as possible it can be now. There will always be time for improvements later. The fee to the Swedish Companies Registration Office, and the tax authority need to now so I can get my company taxes, VAT and stuff correct. I also need a program for bookkeeping, and start an account where the income should go.

These are the things I can think of right now, but there might be more. Later I will also start a booking page and maybe also figure out merch to sell, and figure out my Patreon site.

There is one more thing I need to do, and that is to figure the company name. I’ll let you all know once it’s registered.



Reading for week 13, 29th to 4th of april 2021

This week we enter april and the first quarter of the year is already gone! Signs of spring everywhere, which is nice. It feels lovely to take long walks around our neighbourhood, and fill up with energy.
This time I’m using my Angel tarot deck for the message for this week.

Cards for week 13
Cards for week 13

Monday to wednesday.

The first card for this week is “The Chariot” and it says “An important achievement. Self-discipline and willpower. Public recognition.” “Congratulations! This card means you’ve successfully balanced a recently challenging situation! Your ability to see both sides, take action, and make decisions has garned you approval, respect, and gratitude. So bask in the joy of what you’ve accomplished!
Stay calm and grounded, and be clear about what you’re trying to achieve. It’s important to show self-control, determination, and the willingness to go the distance at this time. Exercise control firmly – but kindly – with other people.”

Thursday and friday.

The second card is “Eight of fire” and it says “Events moving at a fast pace. Delays are over. Many things happening at once.” “Hold on thight, because things now move into high gear! Past delays are over, and your plans manifest with swiftness and energy. You may feel caught off guard as frenzied activities take over. It’s exhilarating and a little overwhelming, but it feels good to see your dreams coming true.
Suddenly, you have a lot of things going on. Too many balls in the air? Stay grounded. Your messages are recieved positively right now. Embrace the spotlight.”

The weekend.

The last card is “Page of water” and it says “A new person enters your life. A relationship begins a new phase. Heightened psychic abilities.” It can also stand for a person who is intuitive, sensitive, artistic and friendly. “A new person or enotion-rousing situation enters your life. It could be the start of a friendship or romance, or the renewal of one from your past. A current relationship may enter a new phase. It’s important to discuss your feelings with those around you. Your intuition and psychic abilities may also be heightened during this time.”


This week sounds like an interesting and intense week. Hold your reins as you move forward, full speed ahead to reach your goals. Things seem to go fast at least until the weekend were you might make a new friendly aquintance. With heightened intuition it might help connect with your inner guidance.

Are you clear over where you’re heading, your goals?
Can you keep your balance and hold the reins?