25 pdr field gun and gun tractor – part 3

I decided to try masking putty to mask off the Mickey Mouse pattern.

Working with small blobs, I tried to create those mouse ears, which took some time.
The hardest thing was to avoid pushing on those already in place, both when applying it and when handling it later.
After removing the putty it looked like this!

The gun and limber as well as tires and spare tire was painted as well.

I think it turned out pretty well, even if I think I’ll touch up some areas where the putty was a bit too flattened out.

The tires need to get some paint and the interior also need some paint before I can start assembling everything. There are also some detail painting to do on the gun, poaches and so on. I also need to seal the paint with a clear cote as the colour seem to be quite easy to scratch.

After that decals need to go on and also some weathering, before it’s done. Hopefully I’ll manage to make that before the end of this month, which is the deadline for the group build I’m participating in.

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