25 pdr gun and gun tractor – part 4

The engine and drive shafts was glued in place as well as wheels and axles.

With the interior painted, I could glue the seats in place as well as the driver. I had to break off one arm to be able to get him in place.

Luckily I dry fitted the body on the interior. Turns out his right foot was in the way. After some adjusting and breaking off his arm again, I finally got him in place.
I can’t say the fit of the figure was very good. His feet is too wide apart and doesn’t fit the pedals at all. Luckily not much of his legs and feet will be seen.

Now almost everything is ready for final assembly.

I need to paint the inside of the doors, add windows, paint a few more details, and give it all a clear cote. Then I can assemble it and start adding decals and hopefully some weathering before the deadline.

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