Adding tracks on the warrior

The tracks on this one is of the link and lenght kind, which at times is easier than linked tracks. The smaller curved link parts are glued to the drive sprockets and the rear wheels.
Just take care when fitting those parts and check the direction of the tracks on each side.
Assembly starts with the wheels and the top lenght part.

Top part of links in place.
Top part of links in place.

Once the top part is in place, the wheel halves can be glued in place, before continuing with the rest of the track.
I assembled the front and rear track parts first before adding the bottom track. I was a bit worried that it shouldn’t fit as the wheels have slightly different positions, and don’t make a straight flat line on the bottom. Perhaps it’s supposed to look like the tank is driving over something. Anyway I started by gluing it to the front end, and let it dry for a while.

Bottom tracks glued to the front first.
Bottom tracks glued to the front first

After working with the turret a while, I glued the last bit of the track.

One side done!
One side done!

So now I got one side done, and it looks like it should work. I’ll start on the other side asap.

As stated before I did some work on the turret. I started by gluing the front part with the gun mantle.

Gun mantle added.
Gun mantle added.

Then I started to add a lot of small parts to the turret.

Some parts added
Some parts added.

Still quite a few parts to add to the turret. Will do that soon, but will probably do the other track first.
The turret really comes much later in the description, but I needed something to work on while other things was drying, as I didn’t want to continue with the topside parts before the tracks was in place.

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