Bf110E decals part 1

Luckily it turned somewhat cooler, so I could manage to sit with the decals.
The main decals are only 8, so that’s no big deal, but still took 3 short sessions, as I wanted the decals to set before handling the model, without risking to move the decals accidently.

Main bottomside decals
Main bottomside decals
Side and topside decals
Side and topside decals

Once the main decals was in place, I could start with the stencil, which on this kit is about 50-ish. For being a 72nd scale kit, that’s quite a few I think. Not sure I’ll use all, as some will go on the fuel tanks that I’m not using as well as some bombs.
Anyway now the topside is done.

Topside decals and stencils
Topside decals and stencils

Next will be the underside, and then I wish I had a stand so I could lean one side upwards.
There’s quite a lot of stencils on the side, and some quite small.
So I guess there will be at least three more sessions.

Then I also decided to try and finish one shelf-queen. I did some repair painting on my Tamiya 48th Corsair.

Minor repaint on free-hanad
Minor repaint on free-hand

Next time I think I’ll post this build separately.

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