British 25pdr. field gun and Quad gun tractor – Tamiya 1/35

It seems like group builds are the main reason to most of my builds, and this one is no exception. I picked this kit as Tamiya kits usually are quite easy to build and would be possible to finish within a month, which is the theme for this group build.

I accidently skipped a few steps and started with the engine.

Parts for the chassie was also cut off and prepared for assembly.

More parts prepared and glued.

The engine was assembled.

After assembling the chassie, I painted it and some other parts with British sand colour.

The engine got some aluminium colour.

I first started to paint the tires close to the rim, using a mix of black and tire black.

The seats was painted khaki.

The engine got a wash with Nuln oil. I assembled some of the interior parts and some parts was glued to the body. I also started building the gun. My idea is to prepare as much as possible for paint.

As I plan to make the Mickey Mouse pattern camo, I’m also trying to figure how to best go about doing it. Thinking maybe painting dark green or black first and then mask the camo pattern, before painting desert colour.

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