Eurofighter cockpit almost done.

I used Magic Sculpt to add details to the ugly kit stick.

Improved stick
Somewhat improved control stick

Hopefully I didn’t make it worse. Perhaps a tad bit large.

I also made new rudder pedals from plastic. Here glued and painted.

Side panels painted and rudder pedals in place.
Side panels painted and ruddern pedals in place.

Control stick painted. I also added some bits of plastic to raise it somewhat.

Painted control stick.
Painted control stick.

The instrument panel was painted.

Instrument panel painted grey.
The instrument panel painted dk gull grey.

Then I painted the upper parts in black and added instrument decals.

Instrument panel with decals.
Instrument panel with decals.

Then I did a test fick of the whole cockpit.

Cockpit with stick and IP in place.
Cockpit with stick and IP in place.

With some wash and dirtying down I think it’ll look alright. At least a lot better than the things the kit provided.

Now I need to decide what to do with the “sight”. Next I think cockpit will be done and inserted into the fuselage.

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