Eurofighter fuselage glued!

Insserting the cockpit and rear wall was no problem, but glueing the fuselage took a while, partly due to being made of three parts. A bit wobbly to keep the fuselage together while glueing one section at the time.

Fuselage assembled.
Fuselage assembled.

I shouldn’t have glued the canards as Revell suggested, as both broke off, one by one. I have to sort that later and have them in a fixed position. Often pointing downwards when parked. At least from what I can see on walk around pics.

I’ve glued the nose halfs, engine and assembled the radar. Not sure if I’m going to show the radar yet, although the nose can be made movable.

Nose, engine and radar.
Nose, engine, radar and parts to the front of the intake.

I’ve also started re-scribing the wings. Not many panel lines to re-scribe, so it should be a pretty quick job.

Re-scribing the wing halves.
Re-scribing the wing halves.

Next I will assemble the wings and glue them to the body. After sorting the surfaces where the wings will go. Even though the contact area for the wings are pretty large, it seems like the tabs are a tad bit small.

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