Eurofighter – modifying the ejection seat.

From the start I had decided to build this kit ootb, but after looking at some pictures, I realised that the seat didn’t even look close to the real thing. So I decided to modify it a bit.
I started by removing the side walls from the backrest.

side panels removed.
Side panels removed.

Then I cut of the headrest, and made it thinner. Quite a bit of sawing. Then I cut some side panels for the seat.

Parts cut and taking form.
Parts cut and taking form.

The top part of the side panels was cut of and glued to the headrest. Right now it looks a bit ugly, but will look better once I’ve sanded and cleaned up all parts. I did a bit of a test fit.

test fit of seat in cockpit.
Test fit of seat in cockpit.

The side panels are a little too wide and needs to be sanded down a bit to fit and things needs to be straightened out, and the side panels for the backrest will be glued back.

I’ve also done some re-scribing on the fuselage. Not many lines, so it was a fairly quick job. Need to sort a few misses though.

The fuselage re-scribed
The fuselage re-scribed.

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