F-16C – build update 2.

The cockpit panels was painted black and then dry brushed with the cockpit colour and then a slightly lighter shade.
Then the cockpit and wheel bay/intake was glued to the lower fuselage.

Lower fuselage with cockpit and intak/wheel bay.
Lower fuselage with cockpit and intake/wheel bay.

Then the upper fuselage was painted black around the cokpit frame and then glued to the lower fuselage. The upper fuselage consists of two pieces and even if the fit was nice, I had problems with getting the two halves level, so some sanding might be needed.

Upper fuselage in place.
Upper fuselage in place.

Now it starts looking like a plane, but still there’s a lot of small parts that needs to be done.
Next will be the engine where I’ve started painting everything black as a base for the metal colours.

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