F-16C German AF – update 6

Just a small update this time.

I’ve painted covers and landing gear parts with white.

Covers painted white
Covers painted white

Then there was this question about the load out. For some reason Revell have put the wrong missile on the wrong load out point, and also it seems this one should have no bombs. And I who thought that would have looked cool.

Anyway there’s 2 kinds of missiles in the kit, Sidewinders and Sparrows, and only 2 of each.
In reality there should be 4 Sidewinders in total. I’ve painted the ones I have.

Missiles painted
Missiles painted

The 2 other missiles seen in the pic are from my Tornado. Slightly different, but the Tiger meet Tonka don’t use them so i might use them for this kit.

I also should need a pair of fuel tanks instead of the bombs, to go on those pylons. I’ll see if I can scavenge up some.

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