Fw190F-8 – Engine detailing and painting RLM02

I decided to try and add some detail to the engine. Not much, but enough to catch some interest. I started drilling holes in the cylinders, and then I cut copper wire and glued with CA.

Engine details added.
Engine details added.

On the front part I’ll fold and glue the other ends to the ring. The rear ones have to wait until after the two engine halves are painted and glued.

I also assembled some bombs and pylons.

Underwing bombs glued.
Underwing bombs glued

The engine room, flaps, wheel bays and gears got some RLM02.

RLM02 painted
RLM02 painted

I need to touch up a few spots and then the gear struts needs some plumbing.

I need to get more lead wire though as I can’t find the little I had.

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