Fw190F-8 – Engine mounted.

Other builds like the Stuka has taken attention away from this kit. I finally got the engine assembled and then mounted in the fuselage.

Engine and exhaust pipes mounted
Engine and exhaust pipes mounted.

I then just placed the canopy in place and glued the guns.

Cover and guns mounted
Cover and guns mounted!

My plan is to have the covers removable. Still not sure if I’ll cut away the lids and glue the top part in place, having the lids open.

I have also started planning how to do with the wings. The instructions tells you to glue the bottom wing part first, insert the gears, and then glue the upper wing halves.

I’ve checked an it seems possible to insert the gears afterwards and that way avoid having them in the way. Also I think of glueing the upper wing halves with the lower part before glueing it to the body. I just hope it turns out well and that I can make the wings fit as they should.

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