Fw190F-8 wings assembled.

The fit of the wings against the fuselage/wing root isn’t good as can be seen on this test fit.

Wings testfit
Wings testfit

Quite a gap on both sides. The underside is a bit better.

Wings underside
Wings underside

I glued the wings on the underside first and let that dry for a while. Then I tried to glue one side while pushing wing and body together. Closed the gap alright, but tilted the body and did the other side worse.

I cut some plastic sheet as shims to put into the gap on each side, and that way lessen the gap and make it easier to push the wings to the body. I decided to give it a try.

Shims inserted
Shims inserted.

Still a gap, but not so wide. Maybe I can put in a bit more plastic, and then cut and sand to shape. The rest I will cover with putty later.

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