Krupp Protze build update and PAK35/36

The whole vehicle got a clear cote in preparation for decals.

Clear coted vehicle
Clear coted.

Then the wheels was mounted. A bit fiddly, escpecially in the front as the wheels a pushed on to the cap inside the hub.

Wheels mounted
Wheels mounted

Then stuff like head lights and rear mirrors was glued in place. I accidently broke one part and have to glue it later. I think I call the equipment done. I still have to paint some tools.

Small stuff mounted and equipment painted.
Small stuff mounted and equipment painted.

I also got a PAK35/36 gun that I plan to hook on the rear hook.

PAK35 gun contents
PAK35 gun contents

No figures included and as it is going to hang on the rear of the vehicle none are needed.
I’ve started cleaning up parts and doing some assembly.

Gun assembly start
Assembly start

I think it will be done pretty fast. Just need to assemble some more and then start painting, before final assembly.

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