Krupp Protze – cutting a bit on the driver figure.

The figure I got was supposed to have one hand on the wheel and one on a open door and leaning out a bit as if looking for someone. No doors on this vehicle, and the other arm didn’t quite fit with the position of the steering wheel. Instead of discarding the figure, I decided to make some surgery, and also move the left arm upwards a bit.

Undergoing arm surgery.
The right arm cut in half, and I also took away a bit on the body to change the angle a bit.
Upper part of the arm glued.
Upper part of the arm glued.
Shoulder puttied.
I had to fill the shoulder with some putty, as well on a few other places on the figure.

Now I need to try and fit the arm with the wheel and figure in place.

The decal for the rear plate is in place.

Rear plate letters in place.
Rear plate letters in place.

It’s easy to see that the decal wasn’t meant for that plate, but it was the only one I got. Once dry I’ll cut it to fit the plate. Then I probably will add some dirt to the plate and the rear end to cover up at least parts of the plate, making the error less visible.

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