Krupp Protze – decals and driver figure.

As I’m having trouble with my airbrush, I can’t continue with the gun (for now). Instead I decided to put on the decals. Not many decals to apply, but as I discovered when I was putting on the decals for the front plate, they wasn’t for this vehicle. I decided to use what I can, and have to cut some to fit.

Adding decals to the front side.
As can be seen, the decal is to large.
Adding decals to the rear side
The rear side had to have the plated coted in white first.

I had to paint the rear plate and will cut the decal so it fits later.

The driver figure to the kit was gone, but a friend sent my one. Very greatful for that!

Driver in plastic bag.
Driver in plastic bag

Cleaning up and assembly started. I hope I can make him fit behind the wheel.

Driver figure being assembled
Cleaning up and assembly started

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