Little progress on my He-111 build

First a little filler here and there. Actually not very much, and a minimum of sanading, so that’s nice!

Filler in seams
Filler in seams.

Then I assembled the landing gears.

Landing gears assembled
Landing gears assembled

I also started sorting all the glass pieces. Here’s the ones for the front.

front glass pieces.
Front glass pieces

Inside the top part of the glass there should be an instrument panel. With some paint and decals added it looks like this.

Instrument panel
Instrument panel

I added coolers to the bottom of the nacelles and then I painted them and a few other things in RLM02.

Coolers painted
Coolers painted
Landing gears, gunners seat and bottom of intakes painted.
Landing gears, gunners seat and bottom of intakes painted

I got some detail painting on the gears to do, and pretty soon I really do need to start masking the windows, and check all the seams.

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