MiG-21PF – part 3

After some more painting it looked like this.

I noticed that I needed to do some touching up in some places.

I also noticed a ghost seam on the nose.

I used some sprue glue and then sanded it down and painted it again.

After some more work I was happy with how it looked.

There’s supposed to be red stripes on the rear end of the body, and I thought it was decals.
Turned out I had to paint them. I tried to mask so I could paint the stripes with red, but it was hard to get the thin stripes of tape look straight and parallell.
So I used a different approach, and painted the area where the stripes should go with red, and then cut 5 mm tape stripes and put them in place. In some way it was easier to do like this.

I then painted aluminium again.

I had to touch up some spots where the tape had leaked.

After that was done I removed all masking except on the canopy and then painted a few details here and there. I also did some touching up.

Lastly I painted some covers and pistons for the landing gears and covers.

I got a few more details to paint, then it’s time for decals and final assembly. With four days left on the SIG group build, I’ll hopefully will finish it and perhaps add some weathering too.

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