P-51D Mustang “Man O War” – Hasegawa 1/32

I started this build for a WW2 based group build on Facebook.
It’s an old kit and it is quite noticable.

It all start with the engine and cockpit.

Then some work with injection pin marks.

IP painted black and guns painted black metal, and more prep made.

Some parts was painted aluminium and some with interior green.

The guns and ammo was assembled to their bays.

IP got some dry brushing and cockpit was painted as some other parts.

Cockpit and engine was installed and fuselage halves was glued together.

The spinner and the tip of the propeller blades was painted.

Here are all the parts, more or less ready for assembly.

Next I’ll paint the propeller blades and tires, and start assembling as much as I can.
The fit on this kit isn’t the best but not the worst either. Totally buildable though.

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