SW – Virago – painting and chipping

The paint on the Virago consists of a mix between grey and brown, and the only available colours (matching the colour description) I have is Humbrol, which takes a bit longer to dry sometimes. I’m using vaseline as chipping method.

One of the wings before vaseline and 2nd cote of colour.

Masked wing, almost ready for paint.
Before vaseline and 2nd cote of colour.

2 of the wings with 2nd colour painted on the topside.

2 wings with the topside painted.
2 wings with topside painted.

One of the wings done and unmasked.

First wing ready
First wing ready.

I’m quite happy with how it turned out. Gonna go over the chipped areas with a brush later.

Half of the body is also painted.

Half of the body painted.
Half of the body painted.

Next I’ll paint the last wing and the underside of the other two, and paint the 2nd half of the body.

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