Tornado front fuselage glued and wings started.

If I am to believe the instructions, it’s only the Gulf war version who has those “danger” markings on the sides of the head rest. Have to check!
Anyway, the seats can go in later and the cockpit was fitted into the front fuselage halves and glued in place.

Cockpit in place.
Cockpit in place.
Rear view
Rear view

A bit fiddly and I had to glue one bit at a time. For some reason there’s a gap between the front panel and coaming. Have to carefully fill it with plastic or putty. Hard to sand where it’s already painted.

I’ll sand and check all seams, and use putty where needed.

The wings have gears and turnable pylons, but as it is now the pylons can turn any direction, and really don’t sit very tight.

Turnable wings.
I’ve started on the turnable wings and stabilizers.

On the 1/48 kit there’s a mechanism to turn both pylons at the same time. I wonder why they didn’t do that on this one?
Maybe they thought of it afterwards.

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