Turkey shoot weekend build – part 3

Joining the fuselage was a tad bit fiddly, but ended ut quite nice when done. Having to assemble the arrestor hook at this point is to ask for it to break, which it did eventually.
I did put a thin layer of putty along the seams.

Fuselage and wings ready for assembly.
Fuselage and wings ready for assembly.

After sanding down and polishing the seam, it looked quite ok. I’ll see how it looks once I get some primer on.
The fit of the wings was almost perfect, and maybe it was my fault they didn’t perfectly. Anyway a tiny amount of putty and sanding will solve that.

Starting to look like a plane.
Starting to look like a plane!

A few more things to adjust to and perhaps some panel lines to re-scribe.

Nose and landing gear will be next. The arrestor hook have to be glued last more or less.

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