Turkey shoot weekend build – part 6

I used some toothpaste and a soft cloth (for glasses) to polish the canopies, and I think it turned out pretty good, and even better after I dipped them.

Dipped glas parts drying.
Dipped glas parts drying.

Once they’ve cured, I’ll start masking them. Guessing it will be abit tedious as they’re small and curved.

Next I turned my attention to the propeller blades. I found out that it was common to feather one set, turning off that engine, to save fuel.
So I glued the front set feathered and will glue the rear ones in a proper angle for flight.

Propeller blades being set into the right position and angle.

Luckily the blades and hub should be in black except for the tips, which as usual are yellow. Makes painting a bit easier.

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