Turkey shoot weekend build – part 7

The Gannet was painted black. Partly as a primer and partly as a base for the planned silver colour, but perhaps the ordinary Vallejo black wasn’t the best choice. Sadly it scratches easily and I’m afraid it might not hold once I get the silver on and mask it for the red and black fields later.

Painted black.
Painted black.

I discovered a few seams that needed to be taken care of. After that it got a new cote of black.

Painted black again.
Painted black again.

Seems like I’ve forgot to dust it of properly before doing the black layer. Have to check that later.

The prop is done.

propeller done.
Propeller done.

Looks like I didn’t mask off the yellow in the same lenght on all blades. Have to sort that too. Otherwise the prop looks pretty nice.

Next I’ll do a cote of silver to see how it turns out.

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