25 pdr field gun and Quad gun tractor – Tamiya 1/35 – Final reveal

After doing some more weathering, I now consider this build finished!
It’s a fun kit to build with, for me, nostalgic memories from building it in my youth.
The age of the kit also tells in some places were burr was quite evident. Otherwise this kit goes together quite nicely. If I can find the set with gun and crew, I’ll build that as well!

Anyway, withouth further ado, here’s the final reveal pics! 🙂

25 pdr gun and tractor – update 5

All bags, tools and stuff got painted.

With that done, I finished the assembly of the truck by adding glass and decals. Tractor, gun and ammo cart is now done, at least this is how far I got before the end of the deadline.

Left to do is some weathering, and I did some before I took pics for the group build final reveal.

I have done some additional weathering, and will take new pics once I’m done.

25 pdr gun and gun tractor – part 4

The engine and drive shafts was glued in place as well as wheels and axles.

With the interior painted, I could glue the seats in place as well as the driver. I had to break off one arm to be able to get him in place.

Luckily I dry fitted the body on the interior. Turns out his right foot was in the way. After some adjusting and breaking off his arm again, I finally got him in place.
I can’t say the fit of the figure was very good. His feet is too wide apart and doesn’t fit the pedals at all. Luckily not much of his legs and feet will be seen.

Now almost everything is ready for final assembly.

I need to paint the inside of the doors, add windows, paint a few more details, and give it all a clear cote. Then I can assemble it and start adding decals and hopefully some weathering before the deadline.

25 pdr field gun and gun tractor – part 3

I decided to try masking putty to mask off the Mickey Mouse pattern.

Working with small blobs, I tried to create those mouse ears, which took some time.
The hardest thing was to avoid pushing on those already in place, both when applying it and when handling it later.
After removing the putty it looked like this!

The gun and limber as well as tires and spare tire was painted as well.

I think it turned out pretty well, even if I think I’ll touch up some areas where the putty was a bit too flattened out.

The tires need to get some paint and the interior also need some paint before I can start assembling everything. There are also some detail painting to do on the gun, poaches and so on. I also need to seal the paint with a clear cote as the colour seem to be quite easy to scratch.

After that decals need to go on and also some weathering, before it’s done. Hopefully I’ll manage to make that before the end of this month, which is the deadline for the group build I’m participating in.

25 pdr field gun and gun tractor – part 2

More and more parts to the gun getting together.

Then the limber, gun and body was ready for paint.

Backside of seat parts was painted khaki.

The body got some british olive drab on selected areas.

The driver got some zenithal primer.

It seems like I forgot to take pics when painting the figure, as here it’s almost done.

Next I’ll mask up the green fields on the body in a Mickey Mouse pattern and paint desert colour.

British 25pdr. field gun and Quad gun tractor – Tamiya 1/35

It seems like group builds are the main reason to most of my builds, and this one is no exception. I picked this kit as Tamiya kits usually are quite easy to build and would be possible to finish within a month, which is the theme for this group build.

I accidently skipped a few steps and started with the engine.

Parts for the chassie was also cut off and prepared for assembly.

More parts prepared and glued.

The engine was assembled.

After assembling the chassie, I painted it and some other parts with British sand colour.

The engine got some aluminium colour.

I first started to paint the tires close to the rim, using a mix of black and tire black.

The seats was painted khaki.

The engine got a wash with Nuln oil. I assembled some of the interior parts and some parts was glued to the body. I also started building the gun. My idea is to prepare as much as possible for paint.

As I plan to make the Mickey Mouse pattern camo, I’m also trying to figure how to best go about doing it. Thinking maybe painting dark green or black first and then mask the camo pattern, before painting desert colour.