Ork Trukk – WH40k- final reveal

This was a fairly quick build, even though the kit have a few problems with fit locations.
It’s no big problems to sort, and now this one is finished!

It would be fun to build one for one of the other clans and get a little more bright colours!

Ork trukk – part 2

I did some more work and added the missing parts. Then I used thinned out pale sand to give tires and a few other spots a sandy look. Trying to make it look like sand had collected in some places. I used a brush but perhaps I should have misted it on with the airbrush instead.
Anyway I think I’ll consider it done!

I’ll take some proper pics for the final reveal later.

Ork Trukk – Warhammer 40k – Games Workshop

As I’m already building a lot of orks, I thought this truck or trukk could be a nice addition.

The chassie was fairly easy.

Next part of the build was the engine.

Not long after it was time for some black paint.

After painting the engine, tires and frame, I could start assembly a bit.

Then I painted some more parts in rust and different metal colour.

I think I achieved a nice rusty metallic feel to the whole vehicle.
Next some more parts was painted black.

Then it was time to assemble a bit more.

I had to build and test fit the two figures before I could paint them properly.

Some more painting done.

Close up on the figures!

I put the figures in place as well as the wrecking ball and the ramps.

Not much left to do! I need to sort the exhaust pipe as I wasn’t happy with how it looked and then there’s one more part to get in place. Looks like exhaust pipes of some kind but the instructions aren’t very clear on where they should go.

I think I’ll need to get the large pipe in place first and then try to figure the small pipes.
Once that is done I’ll start making the finishing touches by adding some dirt and touching up small mistakes.

Combat Patrol – Orks – part 3

The boss and the dredd got some more paint.

The rest of the gang got primed!

The box with orks ended up following me to the build weekend. The dredd figure got some terrain and some more paint.

The boss also got some more paint.

The orks got some grey primer and a light white drybrush.

Then I started painting the skin green.

The deff koptas also got the same treatment.

Once I got home, I continued with the green colours adding more highlights.

Still some more to do with the skin. Then I’ll start painting their clothes and other details.
Just need to figure good colours for their pants and shirts. Since they’re goff I guess it would be mainly dark or perhaps black.

Combat Patrol – Orks – part 2

I’ve started painting them in black primer. The dreadnought also got some rust and metal colours. The boss figure also got some metal painted on the larger metal areas.

After that I assembled the Dredd and started adding more colours like the checker pattern, which wasn’t easy doing by freehand.

Eyes and a few other details left to do and I’ll also add some more rust here and there.
The boss figures got some dry brushing with grey and white.

I’ll start to paint the skin green and I’ll also finish priming the other orks so I can start painting them as well. Except for the checker patterns it’s a quite simple painting scheme mostly in black and metal.

Combat Patrol – Orks – Warhammer 40k

This is one of the 24 (as far as I know) available Combat Patrol boxes from Games Workshop. Which is their new starter sets instead of the Start Collecting boxes.
As I understand it the troops included make up about 500 points. This is enough to have smaller battles that takes from half an hour to an hour.
Normal battles consist of troops worth 2-3000 points and usually takes a while longer to play. This box is supposed to be a good starting point to build your army.

The build of the figures is fairly easy as it’s push fit and supposed to go together with no glue. I snip or sand the tabs a bit to ensure that they don’t stop at the bottom of the hole. This is to prevent the parts from not going together properly. The fit of these kits is very good so it might not be needed, but still, just in case.

Here’s some build pics!

Big boss in armour.

First boss nob.

The first few boyz.

Three deff koptas.

The Deff Dredd. I actually got one of the very pointy spikes in my finger, which drew a drop of blood!

All the figures in the box built!

I’ve started painting black primer on some of them and that is the next step I’ll be working with on these guys. I’ll also use grey and white primer to do zenithal highlighting before I start to paint them.

New arrival – 5th of may 2023

I got mail that I got a parcel to collect, which confused me a bit as it said it came from a city here in Sweden, and I couldn’t remember ordering anything.
When slightly shaking it, it sounded like plastic, like a model would. Even more confused by that! Once I got home and could open the parcel, the mystery was solved.

Inside the parcel was my order from Games Workshop. I guess they sent it to some shop here in Sweden, who in turn sent it too me. Anyway this is what was inside!

It’s a quite large box, but I guess the stompa is quite large as well!

In the box was also two orc and one human Blood Bowl teams, but I guess the stompa was the main attraction! 🙂

Adeptus Titanicus – Warhound Scout Titan – Easter build

On Facebook there was this easter blitz group build that I participated in. It started on thursday at 18:00 local time and ended on monday at 12 PM local time. The subject was to build one kit during the alloted time.
I choose to build this Warhammer 40k Scout Titan.

Warhound scout titans box

There’s parts to build two in the box, but I opted to build just one, as I wasn’t sure I would make it in time otherwise.
I started with the legs and feet.

The build started

The feet are different and I had to check the stance before glueing them in place. I built upper body and removed and prepared the armour plates.

Feet glued and parts prepared

I glued both available heads. Will choose the one that matches the plates I’ve choosen.

Both heads

In the box there’s four different weapons to choose from. I built all four. There’s actually two of each which gives a few options.

Four different guns

The small 5 mm magnets seemed to fit perfectly.

Magnets added

Once all parts was prepared and ready, they got a cote of black.

Parts primed black

Then the guns, legs and body got a cote of Vallejo black metal.

Black metal painted

Then the other parts got a cote of grey. Trying to paint from the top and down in a zenithal highlight manner.

Grey primer

Then I painted white primer from above, or at least trying to keep an angel as if from above.

White highlight

I did the same with the metal parts and painted a lighter metal colour from above. Once dry I dry brushed with a even lighter metal colour.

Metal highlight painted

The upper armour plates got yellow paint. First a litte darker yellow, building up to a brighter colour.

Top armour painted yellow

Then the plates was glued in place, I also painted the gun plates by hand and the toes got red paint.

Body assembled and guns painted

The leg plates got painted purple and the heads was painted red.

Leg plates painted purple and heads red

At this point it was not much time left of the group build, and I had to hurry a bit to be done.
Everything was assembled, and I painted some trim with black and some with gold.

I did some more painting before the deadline, and here’s how far I got with about 15 minutes left of the time.

Finished build
Rear side

I’m quite happy with how far I got during the weekend, considering all family related easter activities and other stuff taking away from the build time. I don’t want to have it any other way as family goes first.

I’ve alrady started to touch up and add details that I didn’t have time to paint before the deadline. I might also add a few decals and I also need to sort the base.
I think next update will be in the finished builds section.

Kustom Boosta-Blasta – part 2

I painted the driver, his boots and the hand part on the wheel.

Ork driver painted

Then I fit the seat, wheel and figure in place. It took a bit of fiddling to get it right.

Driver seated

I painted some flames on the rear side, and then did a test fit to see how the vehicle would look.

Buggy test fitted

I’ve finally painted the rest of the parts in metallic and got the figures ready to get painted.

Remaining parts painted

The figures got a green base cote and the valve covers got steel paint.

Figures base coted

I added the exhaust system and dry brushed that and the big gun and front tires.

Exhaust assembled and dry brushed

For starters the small goblin or whatever he is, needs to be finished so I can put him in place next to the driver. As I can’t close the cockpit until he is in place.

I’ll do some additional detail painting on the exhaust and some other parts like the big gun as well as paint the remaining figures. Hopefully this kit will be done soon. Still need to sort the base as well.

Kustom Boosta-Blasta – ork vehicle – Warhammer 40k

I bought this kit because I thought it looked cool.


I started by assembling the engine and mid body.

Main body and engine parts
Main body and engine parts

I painted the parts with black primer, then I used Vallejo’s black metal and painted selected areas.

Black metal painted
Black metal painted

Then I dry brushed the metal with a slightly brighter metal colour.

Nice and shiny!
Nice and shiny!

The rear tires was painted with tire black.

Tires painted
Tires painted

Then it was time to do some additional building, so the turret gunner and gun was built as well as all parts for the exhaust system, and the 2 goblins. I also added a few colours to the tanks on the main body.

More parts built
More parts built

Then those parts also got some primer, at least on one side.

Black primer
Black primer

The parts in the pic are only painted black. It’s just freshly painted giving it all a shiny look.

I masked the body parts and painted the rest red in different tones.

Body parts painted red
Body parts painted red

I thought using masking putty was an easy way of masking some more complicated areas, but as it turned out, the putty had covered more than I had expected.

Masking removed
Masking removed

Instead of masking everything again, I used a brush and filled in the areas where paint was missing. I also painted some details, and here is how it looks now.

Mostly done painting
Mostly done painting

I still need to paint some details, and still got figures and remaining parts to paint. At least the driver needs to be painted, so I can continue with assembly.