Newly arrived 23/6 2022

Today I got some more stuff that I’ve ordered. A brand new Infinity airbrush, a paint stand, palette, and masking putty.

Airbrush and stuff
Airbrush and stuff

I’ll try the airbrush as soon as possible, and also the other stuff. I’ve seen masking putty in action but never tried.

Newly bought neccessities.

I picked up a parcel today with 2 needed items for my builds.

Argentinian AF colours and nozzle for my airbrush.
Argentinian AF colours and one .4 nozzle for my airbrush

So now I have the paint needed for my Argentinian Mirage and the nozzle will hopefully solve the problem I have with my airbrush.

New tool and sealings for my H&S airbrush.

I got a little package today with these things in it.

Screwdriver and complete sealing kit.

The much needed sealings for my airbrush, and a special screwdriver to make it easier to get the sealings in place.

Gonna see if I can get the sealings replaced later today, or perhaps in the weekend. I’ll be very happy when the airbrush works as it should again! 🙂

New airbrush!

In order to have an airbrush when my fine airbrush is out of order, I bought a cheap one to use as spare.

Cheap airbrush
Cheap airbrush.

I haven’t tried it yet, but it has pressure adjustment and needle stop. I’ll do some tests with it later and write my thoughts.