2001: a space odyssey – moon bus – Moebius 1/55

I got this kit in a Secret Santa exchange last year, and now I’ve finally found time to build it.

Classical fold out instructions.

I think the original Aurora kit was made in 1969 which in a way tells with the somewhat wonky figures, but other than that it’s actually quite nice,

I started with the floor and general bottom assembly.

I had to use putty on the rear wall and bulk heads, which is quite good considering it’s an old kit. Most other ejection marks aren’t visible. I also assembled parts to the landing legs, and the seats was prepared for paint later.

I saw a build video and plan to do some of the changes he did, like adding wire to the exhausts instead of the plastic protrution they come with.

I think I’ve actually assembled a little too much and should have paint floor and panels separately. Now I need to paint, mask and paint and so on instead.

Next will be primer and interior paint.