New arrival 23rd of may 2023

I ordered this before the weekend build meet we had, in order to have some of the colours I needed, and also to check a few of the books that was recommended.

Now at least I have british interior grey green. I’ll try it out as soon as possible.

Newly arrived 30/6 2022

I ordered some more neccessary stuff, and got the parcel today.

Thinner, colours and a scraper
Thinner, colours and a scraper

I thought I’d try Vallejo’s thinner and flow improver to see if that helps on some colour like their primer, which usually is “useless” as it easily clogs the airbrush.

Also a scraper is one thing I like to try, but I think I need to get curved ones later.

Newly arrived 14/6 2022

I did a little larger order at my “local” online hobby shop, and got the parcel today.

Cutting mat, tools and stuff
Cutting mat, tools and stuff

I needed a new cutting mat as the old one is very worn and full of glue, colour and putty, and have been beyond cleaning for a very long time.

I also bought a single blade nipper, some saw blades, cutting templates, agressor colour sets and some Tamiya colours.

It’ll be interesting to try out the nipper later. I should do cleaner cuts without creating as much damage to the plastic or risk breaking parts due to tension while cutting.
Also the cutting templates will be nice to try out.

Newly arrived 24th of may 2022

Today I collected a parcel with much needed colours.

Colours and colour sets
Clolours and colour sets

Some of the colours are for my tank (the Strv 122), and the sets are both ongoing builds and planned builds. Right now I need light ghost grey for my F-16C.

New hobby supplies bought and arrived.

Yesterday I was at the local hoppy shop and bought a few canvases and some clay.

Canvas and clay
Canvas and clay

I intend to use the canvases as bases for mini dios for two of my models, the Warrior and the M3A1 Scout. I might need a somewhat larger canvas for the Warrior as the soldiers might need a larger area to be placed on.
The clay is for shaping the ground on the canvases. I think it should be quite easy to do tracks in the clay, and then paint when the clay has dried.

Today I got a parcel with the colours I’ve ordered.

Needed colours
Needed colours

I ordered a few of Vallejos new metal colours as I wanted to try them out. Rumours say they are quite good! I’ll have to try them as soon as possible.
Black is always needed and the other colour are for my Lightning, so now I can start masking and painting the top side camo.

Newly bought neccessities.

I picked up a parcel today with 2 needed items for my builds.

Argentinian AF colours and nozzle for my airbrush.
Argentinian AF colours and one .4 nozzle for my airbrush

So now I have the paint needed for my Argentinian Mirage and the nozzle will hopefully solve the problem I have with my airbrush.

New arrivals today 24-01-20

Collected some colours for my little MiG-29! 🙂

MiG-29 colour set.
MiG-29 colour set.

Looks like I have a good excuse to get myself another MiG-29 in a little larger scale than 1/144th.

New arrivals today 01-17

I got three parcels collected today at different delivery stations. First one Molotov liquid chrome refill and then some more neccessary colours.

Colours that arrived today
Colours for face painting, german WW2 planes and Steve Mcqueens Bullit Mustang.

Lastly I got help to collect the last parcel with these two kits.

MiG-23mf Bedna box
RX-178 Gundam Mk-II box
RX-178 Gundam Mk-II box

Quite cool and I’m very happy! 🙂

Latest arrival to my hobby room.

Today I got a pretty large box, delivered by UPS at my door. From the start I was only supposed to get micromesh and polishing compounds, and maybe some colours, but I just happened to see that they had this kit at a reduced price.

Hataka paint sets.
Hataka paint sets.
F6F-5 Hellcat 1/24th kit
F6F-5 Hellcat 1/24th kit.

It’s not often I buy kits like this, but at a price much lower than in my local hobby shop, it was a no brainer.

Now I just need to collect the guts to build it. Does it need any extras? Not sure I’m gonna bother as it’s pretty good as it is.

Vallejo Metallic effects set – just arrived

I just got this set of metallic effects.

Vallejo paint set
Vallejo paint set

I’m really looking forward to trying them out and I think the Gannet will be my test object. I also have the engines and exhaust to the Fullback to try on.

Hopefully I can give a report soon.