P-47D – second camo colour.

I’ve heard many praise Hataka colours, but I guess that must be their laquer range they’re talking about. I know acrylic colours have a tedency to clogg up the nozzle after a while. For some reason I thought they were thinned and ready to go, but it clogged up almost instantly.

After cleaning up the airbrush, I diluted the colour and added a few drops of airbrush medium. That made brushing a lot easier and it lasted longer before it clogged the nozzle, calling for another clean up.

After my first go with the second colour, it looked like this.

2nd clour, first cote.
2nd colour, first cote.

A bit spotchy and uneven. So I mixed up a new batch and had one more go.

2nd cote
2nd cote

Still a bit uneven, but perhaps acceptable. I might lay another layer.

Another new arrival to my stash!

This one arrived with the post, or rather it had to be collected. I bought this from a friend and fellow model builder.

P-47D Thunderbolt box art
P-47D Thunderbolt box art

I’ve wanted one for quite some time and now I finally got one in 32nd scale.
2 versions with Gabreski and one in NFM. Not sure which one I’ll do yet.