J-35 Draken – small update.

I got the information that Humbrol 87 should be a good match for the underside colour, so I mixed a batch and laid a cote on the underside.

Underside painted.
Underside painted blue-grey.

As it’s a Humbrol I’ll wait a bit longer before I mask for the next colour/s. A large part of the belly should be in aluminium. Then I hope the colours for the topside camo is useable.

J-35F Draken – Airfix 1/72

Many builds that I’ve started lately seems to belong to group builds on different forums, and this one is no exception! The group build is called “Be a kid again” meaning build those kits that you once built when you where young or when you started the hobby.

As I recall, my first kit was the Lindberg Draken with spring loaded robot, that I built together with my dad. Or at least he and I started, and I finished it. That kit is a bit hard to come by now adays, so I opted to build Airfix old Draken kit, which I had lying in their “History of Swedish Air Force” boxing.

I decided to build it out of the box and I think the rules state that too. The greatest difference between now and then is my knowledge and that I’m gonna use an airbrush.

I could have re-scribed it, but opted out as it feels more old school that way.

After checking with a friend, I painted the pilot in a beige/khaki kind of colour, and then the seat and cockpit surroundings was painted in green and aluminium. Not much of a cockpit so the pilot is needed to fill the empty space! 🙂

The pilot painted
The pilot painted
Cockpit area painted green
Cockpit area painted green.
Test fit
Test fit I did before I started to paint and assemble.

After the pilot was done, I could start with assembly of the plane. It was pretty straight forward and went together pretty well for an old kit from the 70’s.

Fuselage glued.
Fuselage and pilot glued in place.

In the last minute I realized that I’ve forgotten to add weight to the nose, which caused a bit of a problem as I accidently pushed the pilot a bit. It took a while to set him straight again and still get the weights to stay.
After that I glued the nose in place and also the wings.

Only a small amount of filler was needed to take care of the seams. I used a wet q-tip to remove the excess putty.

Pylons and some of the open position covers was added to the underside.

Pylons added.
Pylons added and tanks and robots assembled.

After checking with a friend, I could mask the canopy in the correct way for a F version,which have the rear portion covered.

Getting ready for paint.
Getting ready for paint.
As are the tanks and covers too.
As are the tanks and covers too.

I’ve also painted the wheels and landing gears.

Just recently I’ve painted pre-shade lines and after painting the robots white, I painted some white on different panels. Not sure if that’ll show, but it’s fun to try different things.

Robots and exhaust painted.

I checked my colours that I’ve bought for my 1/48 Hasegawa Draken, and the blue-gray that was goey back then, was even worse now. I’ll consider it useless. I don’t think I’m gonna buy that brand again. So next time I’ll order MRP (Mr Paint) instead. I’ve heard that they’re good.

I hope I can find matching colour in Humbrol or some other brand that I already have at home. If not, I have to order,which will cause a delay in the build.