P-47D – Painting done!

Well almost atleast! I unmasked it and then masked around wheel bays and painted them zinc-chromate yellow.

masking removed.
Masking removed.
Wheel bays painted.
Wheel bays painted.

I’m gonna put a cote of Pledge over the paint to get a gloss or semigloss finish for the decals.

Left to do is landing gears and painting all the small stuff that needs to go on. I decided to go with rockets on this one, just cause it looks so cool.

P-47D – second camo colour.

I’ve heard many praise Hataka colours, but I guess that must be their laquer range they’re talking about. I know acrylic colours have a tedency to clogg up the nozzle after a while. For some reason I thought they were thinned and ready to go, but it clogged up almost instantly.

After cleaning up the airbrush, I diluted the colour and added a few drops of airbrush medium. That made brushing a lot easier and it lasted longer before it clogged the nozzle, calling for another clean up.

After my first go with the second colour, it looked like this.

2nd clour, first cote.
2nd colour, first cote.

A bit spotchy and uneven. So I mixed up a new batch and had one more go.

2nd cote
2nd cote

Still a bit uneven, but perhaps acceptable. I might lay another layer.

P-47D – First cote of paint.

After a second cote of primer to check the seams, I could start to paint the underside in neutral grey.

Underside painted
Underside painted

This is the first time I use Hataka acrylic colours. I started with the paint directly from the bottle, but it clogged the nozzle pretty fast. After diluting it, it was a lot easier to paint. A good thing with the Hataka paints is that there is a ball that helps when shaking the bottle.

I will mask for the medium green colour and see how that turns out. I’ll try to get softly feathered edges.

P-47D “Eileen” – update.

This kit have been sitting on the shelf since june. Perhaps I can finish it off this year.

I started with painting the inside of wheel and gun bay covers in zinc chromate yellow.

Covers painted yellow.
Covers painted yellow.

I realised that maybe not all off them should be yellow, but instead should be in aluminium or silver. Have to check internet and re-paint if neccessary.

I also masked the canopy and front glas. There’s a part for the sliding mechanism that should be glued to the canopy and that also need paint.
Have to check which colour it should have, and also which colour it should be behind the seat (under the canopy). I think it might be the body colour.

Masked canopy and front glass.
Masked canopy and front glass.

I also need to check that I have the colours needed to paint the body.