F-16C/J – Tamiya 1/48 – my Secret Santa build.

I recieved this kit as a part of a Secret Santa group build on a Swedish forum. I was gladly surprised to get such a quality kit.

F-16C box art.
F-16C box art

As many airplane kits even this starts with the cockpit. I must say it looks quite nice and will look good with some dry brushing and picking out some details.

cockpit tub.
Cockpit tub.

The loose handle is supposed to be fitted to the pilot’s hand, so I’m leaving it like that for the time being.

Next to do is the combined front wheel bay and intake, as both that and the cockpit needs to go into the lower fuselage in the next step.

Front wheel bay and intake parts.
Front wheel bay and intake parts.
Assembled wheel bay and intake.
Assembled wheel bay and intake.

There was quite a few ejector pin marks to deal with and not on easy to deal with places.

Next I’ll glue the top part of the intake, and try to get the seam as nice as possible, and get everything ready for paint.
I might need to to step ahead and assemble the seat and pilot, so I can get the arm and handle positioned right.

My gift from secret Santa! :)

Today (on Christmas eve) I got a package from a friend at a Swedish forum I’m a member of and where we held a secret Santa event we’re holding there for those who wanted to participate.

F16C box art
F16C box art

It looks like a quite nice kit, and Tamiya usually isn’t bad! I’ll do my best to do it justice. Hopefully I’ll have the colours needed.