Fullback fighter update.

I’ve started to assemble the front and rear stabilizers. They actually fit quite nicely. However, I first need to sort some of the seams along the body. I don’t want to have them showing behind the stabilizers.

Rear stabilizers.
Rear stabilizers.
Front stabilizer.
Front stabilizer.

I accidently cut off the tab for the one on the other side by mistake, as I thought it was part of the sprue. I have to sort that, and also figure if they’re supposed to sit in a certain angle when parked.

Quick update on SU-34 seats and rear end.

I repainted the seats and now they look like this.

Seats repainted.
Seats repainted.

I got 2 decals to sort for the seats, and then wash and some dry brushing.

The upper rear part of the body was a bit fiddly go get in place as part of it fits in a slot in the engine cover. I decided to get the underside to sit nicely first.

rear end underside
Might need to fill a little.

With the underside right, the topside has a small gap, but I think I can push it in place and glue with liquid glue.

Small gap on upper side.
Small gap on upper side.

According to the instructions, the exhaust pipes are supposed to go in now, but I’ll wait until after the plane is painted.

Front gear bay in place and body halves glued.

Putting the front gear bay into place was a bit of a struggle. Partly due to the struts poking out from the bay. Now both are broken. Have to glue them back later.

Front gear bay in place.
Front gear bay in place.

The struts poking out from the main gear bays are also easy to break, and I think it would have been possible to glue them later. Not so with the front gear bay.

After that I glued the fuselage halves. No great problem with the fit, and I think most of it will be sorted with minor sanding. I had to glue it bit by bit, but quite easy with liquid glue.

Fuselage with wings glued.
Fuselage with wings glued.

The HUD consists of 2 parts of PE that is glued together with the glass pieces, and then glued to the sight. But I decided to glue the etch in place and then paint all in black. Hopefully I can fit the glass later.

Photo etch glued.
HUD/ssight etch glued onto sight.
Painted black.
Painted black.

Next I’ll sort the canopy and other stuff.

Quick update on both SU-34 and the Eurofighter.

The SU-34 got the cockpit glued in place.

Upper fuselage with cockpit.
Cockpit glued to upper fuselage.

I’ve also started to repaint the seats somewhat. Pics on that later.

The Eurofighter seat is progressing. I’ve started to add some details and plumbing.

Details and plumbing added.
Details and plumbing added.

The cockpit tub got some paint. Quite fresh on the pic though.

Cockpit tub first cote of paint.
First cote on the cockpit tub.

I might need to lay anohter cote to cover properly. I have to see how it looks when the colour is fully dry.

SU-34 – quick update.

I had to paint the inside of the upper body to match the interior.

Inside painted.
Inside painted light bluegray.

Once dry I’ll glue the cockpit and also fit front gear well into lower body, and then glue the body halves together.

SU-34 – Weathering cockpit and starting with exhaust cans.

The cockpit and the front wheel bay got an oil wash.

Oil wash applied
Oil wash applied.

The instrument panel got the decal on. A bit fiddly as there wasn’t much space to hold the IP when working with the decal. A bit hard to move around as the decal stuck all the time, but after some work I got it in place.

The decal looks pretty nice!
The decal looks pretty nice!

Using q-tips I removed some of the excess wash, and then I did some weathering with Tamiya weathering sets.

Excess wash removed.
Excess wash removed.
Weathering done.
I did some dirtying down with weathering sets.

When the weathering was done, I could put the IP in place.

Instrument panel in place.
Instrument panel in place.

The main wheel bays was mounted into the lower body.

Wheel bays mounted.
Wheel bays mounted.

I started out with the exhaust cans, who sits on two separate sprues. Some cleaning up to do. Quite easy to put together and have pretty nice detail.

The parts to one side.
The parts to one side.
One side test fitted.
One side test fitted.

I must say the instructions are a little sparse when it comes to painting instructions.

Exhaust assembly instructions
Exhaust assembly instructions.

Now I need to figure which colours to use for the exhaust pipes.

SU-34 – detailing main wheel bays.

From the start I just added a few cables in the wheel bays, but after some consideration and checking references, I decided to add a few more details.

Wheel bay plumbing
Wheel bay plumbing.

I think it turned out pretty good, and will do alright once in place and standing on a shelf.

SU-34 – cockpit and wheel bays painted part 1.

I started by painting some pre-shade lines on the cockpit and wheel bay parts.

pre-shade done.
Pre-shade done.

Next the cockpit got at layer of Hu65 which I’ve been told is a good match to the sukhoi cockpit colour.

Cockpit base colour.
Cockpit base colour.

Once the base color was on I started doing some detail painting. I also painted the seats black and started adding details there too. The main wheel bays got some cables added.

Details painted.
Details painted.

Next the instrument panel will get intrument decals. I didn’t bother with the decals for the side panels, and will only do som dry brushing to pick out details.

Next I’ll paint the cables and give everything a wash and some drybrushing.

SU-34 Main and front gear bays.

The assembly of the landing gear bays was pretty straightforward and the parts fitted nicely.

Landing gear bays.
Landing gear bays.

Next step will be painting both the cockpit parts and the bays. Once that’s done it’s time to fit it into the body halves.

SU-34 Fullback Fighter bomber- build start.

I bought this kit on a meeting earlier this year, and it’s been lying in the stash calling for my attention, and now it’s time to start the build.
I need to order a colour set for the Fullback fighter, so I have the colours I need once I get that far.

Big box with plenty of parts.
Big box with plenty of parts

The box is filled with parts and will make a pretty big bird once it’s built.
As in many kits it starts out with the cockpit. I started with the seats and the bottom of the pit tub. Also had to fold a piece of photo etch (pe), which went fairly well as I’m not used to handle etched parts.

Bottom of the cockpit.
First steps of the pit tub.

The seats was pretty easy to assemble, and looks pretty good for being kit seats.

Seats and tub.
Seats and most of the tub parts assembled.

Getting parts ready for paint, but as my airbrush doesn’t work as it should, painting have to wait a while. Looks like there are several sub-assemblies I can do without having to paint. Fun kit and good detail so far.