Secret Santa kit started!

I decided to have a go, and started to build the kit I got from my Secret Santa.
Nothing much so far. I’ve started cleaning up and filling some ejection pin marks on the floor and inside of the walls.

Build start!
Build start!

Not sure how much of it that will show as there will be a ceiling, but better safe than sorry.

Next to do is all the seats and some other interior parts. Some of those need paint ahead of assembly.

He-111H-6 interior paint and wash

Progressing a bit with the cockpit and interior parts. I masked and painted the front fuselage parts RLM66 and also the cockpit. Then I started painting details such as seat cushions and other details. Not sure it’s entirely correct but it will catch some attention once closed in.

Interior painted
Interior painted.

I gave it a pin wash in black, and used a cotton but to remove the excess. I noticed that I possibly was a bit too hasty and smudged the wash more than I wanted. I still need to let it dry before I can start dry brushing it.

Interior wash
Interior wash.

Next I’ll dry brush and start closing up the fuselage.

He111H-6 base interior colour painted.

Now that I got a working airbrush, I could start painting the interior parts of this kit.
Not entirely shure but I used RLM02 for the interior, but it is possible it should be RLM66 instead. Should have checked but I wanted to try my airbrush.

Interior painted
Interior painted

Next I will paint seats and details, and also do wash and drybrushing of highlights.