Matilda tank, almost done!

The tank commander got some dry brushing with tropical tan, and some details painted. I also added a wire to his mic.
The tank itself got some more dust and sand. I used both pigments and diluted sand colour. Need to practice more to get it look like sand entered every nook and cranny.

Tank commander in place.
Tank commander in place!

I’ll check it over and then I’ll take some better pics for the final reveal.

Matilda tank – weathering

I started weathering the tank with oil washes, Vallejo and Lifecolor paints, and Tamiya weathering sets. Building up both dirt, rust and dust.

Weathering started.
Weathering started.

Quite happy with how it looks so far, but looking at the pics I realise it needs some more in the openings among other places. Maybe some more sand and grime.

Last thing to do is to finish the tank commander. It’s been a while since I started this kit, so I’m not sure which colours I’ve used. Have to do a search for British desert camo during WW2.

Turkey shoot weekend build – part 7

The Gannet got a cote of Vallejo silver.

Painted silver.
Painted silver.

It turned out looking pretty nice and all flaws are self inflicted.
The colour covers very well and sprays evenly as long as the airbrush is set correctly.

Seems like I’ve missed a few scratches that needs to be polished and repainted.

Jumping from one subject to another. I found the Matilda tank commander. He had fallen off the shelf and landed behind a box on the floor.

Matilda tank commander.
Matilda tank commander.

I need to finish painting him and place him in the turret once he and the tank is done. Will add a wire to the mike too.

Matilda tank, old Tamiya, long overdue update.

I think I started this one last year, and the reason it stopped was that the decals fell apart and I couldn’t get hold of new ones with less than buying a new kit. Time went by and recently In made a decision to try and finish it anyway.

So I handpainted callsign and numbers and then masked for the white and red markings on the sides of the hull and turret.

Masked and ready for paint.
Masked and ready for paint.

Next I painted white and then masked off for the red colour. Here’s how it turned out.

Markings done!
Markings done!
other side
Other side.

I noticed that the red and white fields wasn’t same size as the other side. Might have to try and adjust that somewhat.

Left to do now is finding the figure and do some weathering.