Moonbus – update 2

I painted primer on the interior. Then I painted the front floor and seats black.

The black floor was masked and then the rear floor was painted aluminium.

Even parts to the landing gear was painted.
I intended to use the same colour to the interior as I’d use for the MiG-21, so here the build takes a leap to the weekend build meet. With the interior walls painted, I also painted the cargo.

A few adjustments left to do, and then the figures needs to be painted before I can close the fuselage.

2001: a space odyssey – moon bus – Moebius 1/55

I got this kit in a Secret Santa exchange last year, and now I’ve finally found time to build it.

Classical fold out instructions.

I think the original Aurora kit was made in 1969 which in a way tells with the somewhat wonky figures, but other than that it’s actually quite nice,

I started with the floor and general bottom assembly.

I had to use putty on the rear wall and bulk heads, which is quite good considering it’s an old kit. Most other ejection marks aren’t visible. I also assembled parts to the landing legs, and the seats was prepared for paint later.

I saw a build video and plan to do some of the changes he did, like adding wire to the exhausts instead of the plastic protrution they come with.

I think I’ve actually assembled a little too much and should have paint floor and panels separately. Now I need to paint, mask and paint and so on instead.

Next will be primer and interior paint.

Secret Santa x 2

This year I opted to participate in two Secret Santa group builds.
One on the Swedish forum IPMS Gothenburg, and the other on Hobbylink International.
The reason is that I like to be surprised of not knowing what’s in the box or who’s giving, at least not until the gift is opened.

From my Secret Santa here in Sweden I got this little parcel.

Swedish Secret Santa gift
Swedish Secret Santa gift

And inside I got this kit.

The gift inside
The gift inside

Looks like a nice kit, as Eduard usually does pretty nice kits. Looking forward to building it.

The Secret Santa package wasn’t wrapped due to high shipping costs, and therefore, most packages was bought online in the country it was supposed to deliver to.
Mine looked like this:

Gift delivery box
Gift delivery box

And inside it I found this kit.

The gift inside
The gift inside

For me this was a nice and also unexpected gift!
I took a peek inside.

Inside the box
Inside the box
All the parts
All the parts

It looks very nice indeed and even have figures. Looking forward to building this one as well.
I just need to get my Titan off the build table.