Sabaton – the great show -limited edition box

Today I collected a parcel I’ve been waiting for a while! It looked like this!

Delivery box topside
Delivery box topside
The edge
The edge

The side and the brand might be a clue to the content, but I will reveal what was inside.

Box contents
Box contents

Cobi is a Lego look alike brand and I think the parts fits with each other. This one contains a limited edition of Sabaton’s stage with tank, plane/synth and figures and all!
It also contains a catalouge, a poster and a few stickers. The box also contains 2 DVDs with music and material from their show.

I must say I’m very excited!!! Looking forward to listening and watching the videos and of course building the stage! 🙂 A post with that build will come later!

My current music projects!

The latest time I’ve been busy recording and mixing some covers, and the latest on is “The Rose” by Bette Middler. I might add an organ playing something different than just the chords. I just need to buy a keyboard, as it will make it easier to record what I want to do, compared to trying to program all the notes.

I have two new projects in mind. On is “I can see clearly now” and the other is “Orinoco flow”. I think I’ll start with the latter one, which I think will be a bit of a challenge.
If possible I might have a friend do real violins, which would be nice! 🙂

What about my music?

Music is on of the things I’m supposed to write about on this blog, and promoting my music is one of the purposes with this site. So what have I been doing?
Much of what I’ve been doing is learning stuff like how to record and mix the songs I do, and also I had to think about how to arrange my songs. I’ve got some great feedback that I’ve tried to put at use to the best of my ability.
It seems like I have a tedency to have too much instruments playing all the time instead of saving some stuff for choruses and building up the songs.

As I also want to have videos for my songs, I need to learn how to both shot nice videos and synchronize the sound. My thought is to start with “simple” videos filmed in my studio, showing me singing and playing all the instruments and so on. Later perhaps I can have someone help me shot the videos in other environments.

A few songs have been recorded and are in a near finished state. Next step is to make simple mastering. Mainly some EQ and raising the volume somewhat.
The songs I’ve been working with is House of the Rising Sun, Waltzing Matilda, Moscow Nights and a re-recording of one of my own songs, written in Swedish, called Höstsång till Jenny, which means Autumn song for Jenny. It’s a love song to my girlfriend Jenny and to my my then newfound love for the autumn.
Next song I’ve already started recording, is We’re not gonna take it, which I think could be a fun project.

Still a bit unsure of which songs, except my own, I can put here, unless they’re shared from Youtube, without making copyright infringes.

One last fun thing is that I’ve joined the Joyvoice choir, which was both challenging and fun!