Reading for week 18, 4th to 10th of may 2021.

May the 4th be with you this week! Choosing to stick with the playfulness and to help with that I’ll use my Magical Unicorns oracle cards. Here is what they want to tell us this week.

Cards for week 18
Cards for week 18

Beginning of the week.

The first card for this week is “Thankful” and it says “Think about the people and things you feel grateful for.” “Gratitude warms your heart with good feelings that are healthy for your mind and body. You can make yourself feeel better by making a list of everything and everyone you’re thankful for. Gratitude replaces sadness, and makes everything go better.
Gratitude is such a powerful way to make your life better that it’s almost magical! Everyone loves a thankful person. They want to be friends with, give to, and help a person who says “Thank you.” When you say “Thank you” and really mean it, you find more reasons to feel gratitude.
People who aren’t grateful or who have self-pity actually makes themselves sad. They can’t understand why other people avoid them, and why they don’t recieve many gifts. They take away their own power because they believe that life doesn’t give them much. But if you count your blessings and think about all the reasons you have to feel grateful, then you’ll see how generous life really is.
The more you believe that “life gives me lots of gifts,” the more you’ll recieve. Then you’ll want to give to others too. To get more out of lifem stop and feel grateful for all that you’ve recieved so far. Then, get ready to feel gratitude for countless blessings that are coming to you now!

Middle of the week.

The second card for the week is “Share” and it says “When you share, everyone feels happy.” “If you’d like to make new friends, start by sharing with them. You can do this in many ways, such ashelping someone with their work or giving them some food. You can also share your feelings with a person, and they’ll also share their feelings with you. Sharing feelings often makes your friendship closer.
It’s also a good idea to share things with others. Do you have anything in your closet that you never use? If it’s okay with your famaily, why not give it away to someone who needs it? This will make you both feel happy. As you give away old things, you’ll discover a secret: new things will come to you as if by magic. It’s true!
You can also share when you’re with a group of people. For example, leet someone else talk while you listen, or work as a team to win a game. (You can also let another person win a game as a nice way to share,)
It’s also important to let other people give to you. In friendships, both people give to each other. So let your friends share with you. All you need to do is to say “Thank you” and feel happy about how fun it is to share with your friends and family.

The end of the week.

The last card for the week is “Happy thoughts” and it says “To feel happier right now, think about a memory or something else that makes you smile.” “The unicorns say that happiness is actually quite simple: It come from thinking happy thoughts. By drawing this card, the unicorns say that you’ve been thinking some unhappy thoughts lately. They want to help you turn your life around by changing your thinking.
Can you remember a time in your life when you felt really happy and safe? Think about that memory now, and feel it in your body.
Even if some sad things are going on in your life right now, you have the power to be happy by thinking these positive thoughts. The happier you are, the more quickly things will get better in your life. Happiness is a magical energy that attracts pleasant experiences to you, so don’t delay in choosing to hold only good thoughts.
This card also asks you to have happy thoughts about other people. You can always choose to see good or bad things in people (and that includes what you choose to see in your own self). To have better relationships, focus on the good within yourself and others. This will motivate everyone to act in better ways.
You can bring more happiness to the world by being joyful yourself. When you’re happy, you lift the moods of everyone around you. Your happiness helps everyone feel better, and helps all of us to enjoy a better world. What are some happy thougths that you can think of right now? Enjoy them!


Gratefulness, sharing and happy thoughts is the theme for the week, and seem to go together very well. If we are thankful and can share, perhaps with good friends, it’s easier to keep happy thoughts, which in turns gives more to be thankful for and so on in a positive spiral.

What are you grateful for in your life right now?
What can you share with others?
What are som happy thoughts that you can think of right now?

Reading for week 14, 5th to 11th of april 2021.

Today it was typical april weather with snow, hail and later quite sunny but windy. Still I feel spring is strongly on the way or under foot perhaps. I also have the feeling that the Goddesses have something to say for this week. Here are their advice!

Cards for week 14
Cards for week 14

Monday to wednesday.

The first card for this week is “Hestia / Home” and it says “Being at home in your own skin is what the Greek goddess of the hearth, Hestia, offers you today. When you are in alignment with your truest self, it’s like everything you do suddenly fits and feels right. Now is the time to also look into your domestic environment, making sure you are surrounded by beautiful things that have a special positive meaning for you.
Cleaning, tending house, and taking care of simple things are what is called for now. (“Chop wood and carry water, ” as the Zen koan puts it.) The answers to the big questions come of their own accord when you’re focused on the small tasks. The goddess Hestia reminds you that when you are at home in yourself, you are at home in the world.

Thursday and friday.

The card for the middle of the week is “Artemis / Focus” and it says “In order to fully embrace the intentions you have set in motion and your current conditions, it’s important to sieze the moment. Now is the time you can truly make your mark, as the Greek goddess of the hunt, Artemis, will help guide your arrow!
Surrender yourself to the process of whatever is calling for your attention. Immerse yourself fully in whatever needs your focus, and alow yourself the experience of deep abiding trust. If you aim true and your heart is open and pure, grateful for all the bounty that surrounds you, your deepest desires will manifest before you like magic.

The weekend.

The last card for this week is “Lilith / Independence” and it says “The Jewish goddess Lilith refused to be dominated by the first man, and as a result was called a demon in the stories about her that followed. These inaccurate and danaging stories as so old and repeated so often that no one recognizes how pervasive their implications are.
From another perspective, Lilith offers this lesson: No one can prevent you from fully blooming, from learning all you can, from evolving and choosing freedom. Only your conditioned thinking can do that. Be proud, be accountable, claim your power and hold it wisely,
Right now, you are in an excellent position to attract healthy, independent, collaborative relationships that truly serve the highest good. Friendships flourish with mutual respect and support. Love relationships bloom with ample space for both parties to grow. Business ventures thrive in service to the greater good.
The goddess Lilith wants to show you the way to claim a healthy self-worth and self-respect, by refusing to let your old stories keep you down. You will be amazed at how deep, meaningful, and respectful your experience becomes in all areas of your life when you make choices from a place of empowered independence.


Being at home in your own skin might be something that we need practice in doing. It’s a bit like cleaning your house, it looks and feels better the more often you do it. Not saying you should overdo it. As the card says, doing simple things, allows for the answers to come to you. Once we have the answers we need and are at home with ourselves, we can focus on the goals and tasks ahead, with guidance from Artemis we can hit our goals! Not letting old stories drag us down and be independent in our decisions is the advice from Lilith at the end of the week!

What small tasks can you do to get the answers to your questions?
What are you aiming for?

Reading for week 9, 1st to 7th of march 2021.

First week of march, and I feel time is flying by. This week I’ve choosen the “Magick Path” deck by Silvia Camerini. So let’s see what it has to say for this week.

Cards for week 9
Cards for week 9

Monday to wednesday.

The first card is “Moon” and it says “Tune into Your Feminine Side; Your Moods and Your Cyclic Nature”. It’s when we connect with our feminine side that we get a deeper connection with our intuition. Our moods change with the phases of the moon and the season. And everything goes in cycles. We just need to trust what we feel at the moment is right, and let that guide us, follow our moods.

Thursday and friday.

The second card is “Clarity” and it says ” What You desire desires You. Become clear with it, enlighten it. When we become clear with what we desire in our life, the path also will become clearer. We will be guided towards that goal, step by step. Just keep in mind what your goal is, and the rest will follow.

The weekend.

The last card for this week is “Wisdom” reversed, and the card says “There is Sacred Wisdom within You. Listen to it and act according to it”. Now when we listened to our intuition and got clear with what we want, we need to listen to our inner wisdom and act on the things that lead us forward. Being reversed tells us that we might not always trust our inner wisdom and don’t always act upon what it tells us. This card tells us that we need to do just that, to get were we want and to be able to reach our goals.


Trusting our inner wisdom and connecting with our feminine side seems to be key this week. We all have our moods and cycles, just follow them. When we trust our intuition and take action accordingly, the universe will guide us right!

What are our desires?
What steps do we need to take?

Reading for week 8, 22d to 28th of february 2021.

This reading ends the month of february, and already two months have passed this new year. I feel more than ever, that trusting your intuition is important in this times, and what could be better than a little female energy to support that. So this time I’ve asked the goddesses for advice for this week, and here are the cards I drawn.

Cards for week 8
Cards for week 8

Monday to wednesday.

The first card for this week is “Yuki-Onna, Stillness” in alignment position. Some days you wake up frozen, stuck, and unable to move due to the effects of emotional denial and resistance to what is in front of you. Or maybe exhausted, spent from the emotional burden of your current situation. The winter goddess Yuki-Onna has come to help you move out of and past this experience into a healthier state of stillness.
When you are frozen, it’s the ego that is refusing to accept life on life’s terms, potentially causing you fear and depression. A particular situation or person may be causing you to see yourself as a victim. The godddess Yuki-Onna reminds you that this is but a temporary moment in the millions of moments of your life. The task she has for you is to answer one question: will you trust the Great Goddess in the universe to be your active partner in co-creating? If so, slow down and let all your troubles go, and you will see the miracles life has to offer you.

Thursday and friday.

The second card is “Hestia, Home” in alignment position. Are you surrounded by clutter in your home or work? Do you have objects or clothes that have negative stories attached to them? Every object hold energy and tells a specific story. The pants that don’t fit shame you; the gift from an ex-partner taunts you with disappointment or resentment; the books you will never read shout at you. Who needs this cacophony?
The goddess Hestia, who rules the hearth, offers you this alignment task: do a thorough house cleaning. Declutter and make space in your environment. Do the same for your mind too. Your mind mitght be cluttered with old stories that have no value for you now.
Walk away from situations you know you don’t belong in. Get rid of all of it. When you remove the superfluous distractions, it’s amazing how your intentions come together like magic. Make space for the miracles the godddess Hestia has in store for you. Yes, it takes work, but it’s worth it!

The weekend.

The last card for this week is “Danu, Assurance” The apperance of the Celtic goddess Danu, who gave birth to magic, portends the fulfillment of your desires and the fruition of your dreams. Whatever it is that you’re inquiring about, Danu gives her assurance that you’re in the process of becoming! Now is the time to trust whatever you have planted, planned, and worked toward is being lovingly birthed; all you need to do is stay with the flow of events and be ready for your next opportunity.
Everything has its perfect seasaon. Just as fallow ground carries the promise of new life that appears again in the spring, as if magically bidden from the invisible to the visible, Danu offers her promise of grounded assurance.


Time to slow down a bit, and let all troubles go, in the beginning of this week. Then it’s time to declutter your house, workplace or mind, or perhaps all of them. Even if we have our house in order it’s easy to collect thoughts that we perhaps shouldn’t be carrying around. Perhaps things that happened in the past that no longer serves you. And at the end of the week you just have to trust what you have already planned, will grow into fruition if you just give it time.

What can you do to declutter your house, workplace or mind?

Reading for week 4, 25th to 31th of januari 2021

This reading ends the month of januari, and this week I’ve choosed to ask the Unicorns for guidance, using the Magical Unicorns oracle deck by Doreen Virtue. Here’s what they have to say for this week.

Cards for week 4
Cards for week 4

Monday to wednesday.

The first card is “Definitely Yes” and it says “The answer to your question is a strong “Yes!” “.
What you’re asking about will definitely happen, provided that you keep your thoughts positive. You can bring about your desires more quickly by paying attention to thoughts, feelings, words, or visions that repeat themselves for you. When the inner guidance asks you to take positive action, it’s important for you to do so. For instance, if you have strong feelings to call a certain person, then make that call. Your angels will always guide you to take actions that have positive and healthy effects on you and others.
This card asks you to set aside doubts or worries, and to feel that everything is positive. Your desires are going to happen, and probably in better-than-expected ways. Imagine that your dream has aalready come true, using your inner vision and your feelings as you do. You just need to stay filled with faith and hope, and take action when you’re guided.

Thursday and friday.

The second card is “Light” and it says “See the light within yourself and everyone else”.
Everyone has a beautiful light within them, no matter what they look like or how they act. This light is pure. The more you focus on the light witin others, the more you can help them be healthy and happy.
You can also protect your loved ones, yourself, and your belongings by imagining them surrounded by light. This card may mean that you or someone you love is in a situation with harsh energy right now, and they need extra spiritual protection. Imagine them in an eggshell covering of light in your favorite color. Or choose one of these: white light to protect, green light to heal and purple light for a better night’s sleep.
As you focus on seeing and feeling light within yourself and everyone, you’ll notice a positive change in your life. For example, people will treat you better, your family members will seem happier, and you’ll sleep better at night.

The weekend.

The last card for this week is “It’s Okay to Be Different” and it says “You don’t need to be like everyone else. You’re perfect just as you are!”
Everyone wants to be liked, so it’s normal that you want to fit in with other people. You may compare yourself with others and feel like you don’t belong. You may even feel that you’re not as good as other people. But this card is here to tell you that your special talents are needed in the world.
You don’t need to change in order to please others. If you try to be different from who you really are, you won’t be happy and you won’t make true friends. But if your inner voice tells you to improve yourself through learning new skills and taking care of your body, then you’re being good to yourself. This wilkl lead you to true friends who really love you as you are!
As long as you feel good about yourself, you’re doing well. The best way to do this is to tell the truth, treat people with kindness, keep your promises, and do the work you need to do. You needn’t be perfect, wear the latest styles, or be the most popular person. Just trust tha God made you exactly how you’re supposed to be, and make the very best of what you got!


The Unicorns brings a light and good feeling with them for this week. Starting out the week with a big Yes feels very nice. Just remember to stay positive and keep your vision. Seeing the light in others might not be so easy always in a world thata feels harsh, but we can always protect ourselves and our loved ones by surrounding them with protecting light.
Lastly there’s a reminder to be okay to be different and do what you feel is right for you.
Feels like a nice ending to this first month of this new year!

Reading for week 3, 18th to 24th of januari 2021.

Already in to week 3 this year and time for another “prediction”. for the coming week. This time working with the Magick Path deck. Here’s the cards I got.

Cards for week 3
Cards for week 3

Monday to wednesday.

The first card is “Journey” and it says “Walking down Your Maternity Path consider that this is an ever evolving Journey”. We’re always on a journey and sometimes we start new ones, and the journey always evolves, taking new turns in our lives. Wether you start a new journey or already on a journey, remember it’s your journey. Make the most of it.

Thursday and friday.

The second card is “Words” and it says “Your Words are deeply connected to Your Inner Strength. Let the Dragon within You to Speak Your Power. The blue colour is connected to your throat chakra and you need that to voice your power. What you say to yourself and others is important and words have power.

The weekend.

The last card for this week is “Communication” and it says “Share! Communicate with others and let them know Your needs & desires”. This card beautifully connects to the previous card, and asks you to communicate. If you don’t speak out, no one will know what you need and desire. The answer to the unspoken question is always no. Speak your mind, and remember that you have the power within.


Communication seems to be the key to take the steps you need to do your journey. Also remember where you’re heading even if the journey takes turns in other directions than you first expected.

Where are you heading?
What do you need to communicate this week?

Reading for week 2, 11th to 17th of januari 2021.

This year perhaps didn’t start as any of us wished for, or hoped for, and I guess it’ll take a while before people will feel somewhat safe. Meanwhile we can need some encouragement, and for that I asked Archangel Gabriel for some help, using the AA Gabriel oracle cards. This deck is for all birthgivers and creators or creative people, and we’re all creative, even if we don’t always see that. So here’s the advice I got for this week.

Cards for week 2
Cards for week 2

Monday to wednesday.

The first card is “Detox time” and on the card it says “Release toxins from your body, mind, and diet”. “As a creative individual, you may feel overwhelmed with sensitive feelings, so you turn to addictions to numb the intensity. This card comes to you aas a reminder that those feelings in the raw are inspiration for your greatest creations. In addition, an additive habit may be lowering your mood and vibrations by artificially inducing depression or anxiety.
You already know in your heart which substances or behaviors are detracting from your health and happiness. I could be consumption of weat, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, meat, diary or sugar. Call upon Heavens loving assistance to release unhealthful cravings so that you won’t struggle with your detox. You may be Devinely guided to human help to support your decisison to approach life with your heart open, your mind clear, and your body detoxified”.

Thursday and friday.

The second card is “Classes”, saying “learning and theaching are part of your higher calling”. “Higher education is, literally in your cards, with classes enhancing your skills and condfidence. This card guides you to reserach, and then enroll in, one or more classes related to your interests. Being in a learning environment stimulates your ideas and exposes you to new perspectives. Classes are also a wonderful place to meet new friends who share your passions.
In some cases, this card is a sign that you’ll be teaching classes as part of your messenger work. Pray for guidance as to the form your teaching will take. Know that Heaven will hold your hand and lead you to the forum and students who will benefit from your wisdom”.

The weekend.

The last card for the week is “Daily practice” saying “The more you practice your new skills, the more comfortable and comfortable you become”. “This card reminds you that the key to success is practice, practice, practice. If you’re procrastinating, it’s probably because of fears of doing something that’s not”perfect” in the beginning. Yet, the only way to improve is to commit time each day to your aspiration. Research shows that those who practice and study become the most proficient with their creative endeavors.
The reason for daily practice is to create a healthful new habit. When you become accustomed to creating every day – even if it’s just for a few minutes – you lose self.consciousness and become more confident about your work. You will also enjoy creativity more when you treat it like a natural part of your life, instead of like something that’s stressful, requiring work”.


I can’t speak for everyone else but myself, but I can feel that after the holidays it’s time to get back to good eating habits, and feeling a bit down, I’ve felt the urge to buy something to make me feel happy. So some detox sure is needed, and it’s always good to detox once in a while. The next steps seems to fit together very well, take classes and practice your skills. There’s always something to improve, or it could be possible your task is to help someone else some new skill. For me courses and education lies on the horizon, so that’ll prove to be interesting.

Ask yourself, what habit do you need to change or what do you need to detox from?
Which skills do you need to improve, and where can you find the courses you need to take?
You can always ask for guidance if you need help figuring things out.

Reading for the New Year week, 28th to 3d of januari 2021.

This week I’m letting the Goddesses tell what the end of this year and the start of the next will bring.

The cards for new years week.
The cards for new years week

Monday to wednesday.

The first card for this week is Gaia, mother Earth and it says “Being grounded, slowing down, and remaining present in your body is the message that the Greek goddess Gaia haas for you right now. Perhaps you’ve spent too much time in your head lately and have taken as good care of yourself as you would have liked. Get into a rhythm, make sure you get enough sleep, commit to spending more time in nature, and eat sustainably with conscious awareness. Gaia, the earth, mother of all life, invites you to pay attention to your body for you are a creature of the earth as well as spirit.
You are part of this living earth, which is the foundation for all of life that has physical form. What form does your life take? This is the perfect time to take a closer look to ensure you’re happy with it. You’re also asked to examine the foundation of what you are building now. Does it feel solid and stable? Now is the perfect time to focus on stability and security, ensuring you move forward in a grounded way.
The goddes Gaia reminds you that the earth is the playground for conscious manifestation, so be respectful of this truth.

New years eve and new years day.

The second card is the Goddess Kali, Liberation, reversed and it says “When resentment and anger fester below the surface, the unprossed emotions simmer until they boil over. It’s eay to project anger, envy, and ancient inherited rage on others we percieve as the source of or discontent. When something triggers these emotions, we can project onto strangers as well as the people closest to us. Nobody wins when such pain is unleashed in the world.
Take heart, for you are not alone. Know that rage and fury must have a place to be expressed, and you can use this energy to make something extraordinary and find a new way. The fierce liberation goddess Kali offers her daggers to help you cut the ties to stories you tell about your past once you have expressed and processed them. No matter what your conditions, your alignment task is to find a way to channel this rage, this anger, these feelings into creativity. Make something of it, of yourself, so you don’t create destruction just because you can.
Be willing to be teachable even if it feels uncomfortable. When you know more, you can do better. Be willing to take full accountability for the energy you bring to the world. Kali knows the fierce dark love she brings you will not always be comfortable, anad the process of transformation requires rigorous self-honesty. You have what it takes; now make something meaningful and be someone you’re proud of.

The weekend.

The last card for this new years week is Mnemosyne, the Past, reversed and it says “Our stories can hold us hostage to a past that no longer serves us. The goddess of memories, Mnemosyne, reminds you that running away from painful memories and pretending that wrongs haven’t been commited does nothing to help you truly find meaning and purpose. Your alignment task is to stop and take inventory of the past and the stories that keep you tied to it and defined by it. She calls you to be rigorously honest about the areas in your life where you have been wounded as well as where you may have wounded others. Dig deep to uncover your unconscious biases and triggers. Know that it may be a messy experience as you surrender to the truth that you can’t control the outcome or other people’s reactions when you are ready to make real shifts.
The world is changing, and to be part of its glorious unfolding you are being invited to do this deep work. Miracles are waiting for you once you seet yourself free and allow your memories of the past to lead you to the truth. Transformation comes with a price. Leaving some of your old self behind isn’t easy, but is necessary to become the one you have been waiting for. You will rise up from this mess, and only beauty and strength will remain.


Interesting cards for the end of this year and the beginning of the next! Gaia reminds us to slow down as we so long wanted this year to be over. If we don’t slow down we will continue with the same speed into the next year. We might not want that! We also need to take care of our selves. Good health is a good basis to resist most diseases.
In the middle of the week, which is when the shift from this year to the so longed after next year, we are told to channel our anger into something good, instead of just letting it out.
And later in the week we’re reminded to let go of the stories that no longer serves us! What a good beginning of a new year were we anew. The world is indeed changing, and we have the opportunity to make it a good one!

Are there things you can do to improve your health and fitness?
What can you do to transform your anger into something good?
What stories are you holding on to?

With this reading I’m wishing you all a Happy New Year! 🙂

Weekly reading for week 51, 14th to 20th of december.

This week I felt drawn to us my new Magick path deck, and here are the cards for this week.

Cards for week 51
Cards for week 51

Monday to wednesday.

The first card for the week is “Guidance” reversed and it says “Your Intuitive Vision guides You towards Your True North, allow it to lead the way!” Trust your inner guidance as it will get you where you want. Perhaps is something distracting you. Much happening in the world right now that tends to lead us astray, or perhaps you listen too much to your head instead of your heart. Be confident that your inner guidance, your compass will lead you right!

Thursday and friday.

The second card is “Roots” reversed and it says “Stability comes from Your Roots. Go back to Your Origins and ground into their depths.” Maybe you feel like you’re loosing your stability somehow. Most often it is just a feeling, but could have other causes. Do things to ground yourself, like meditating, talking walks in the nature, feel the ground.

The weekend.

The last card for this week is “Purpose” reversed and it says “There is an “Aim of the Soul” in Your Pregnancy. You are bearing Your Creature for a specific Purpose.” Pregnancy ism’t neccessary literal. It can mean being “pregnant” with ideas or something you’re creating. Sometimes we can feel uncertain of our purpose or what we’re here to do. Don’t worry you’ll find your way, just relax and trust the Universe. You might not see it right now, but eventually it will show. Meanwhile enjoy the ride!


Three reversed cards and they all seem to connect as there seems to be a lack of guidance, roots and purpose, and one connects to the other. Trust the guidance and get back to your roots then the purpose also will find it’s way back.

What guidance do you seek?
How can you connect to your roots?
What can you do to find your purpose?

Weekly reading for week 50 7th to 13th of december.

This week I choose to work with the Goddess Power oracle deck, or perhaps it choose me.
I also just interviewed the deck and it gave me some both interesting and beautiful answers. They use to talk about female intution, and yes intuition is a female energy, not saying a guy can’t connect to his feminine side and his intuition. I’m trying to do that daily as it helps me and guides and others. Here’s the advice from the Goddesses this week.

Cards for week 50
Card for week 50

Monday to wednesday.

The first card is “Leizi – Revelation” and it says “There are moments when synchronicity brings all the elements together for a flash of insight to rise up in you in a glorious epiphany. Whatever was not clear becomes crystalline in an instant. It’s as if you are able to simultaneously percieve every facet in a diamond. You know without a doubt that you’re on the right track as deep understanding sinks into your very soul. In this moment change and transformation takes place, and a transcendent moment is offered to you as an extraordinary gift.
Now is one of those time. The Chinese goddess Leizi, mother of lightning, brings revelations into your life with a flash. She gifts you this as a result of all the hard work you have put into dismantling your old self and making space for who you want to become. This is a very auspicious time”.

Thursday and friday.

The second card is “Mama Qocha – Water” and it says “The world we inhabit began from the oceanic waters of life and the waters that surrounded us in the womb – both of which are the domain of the Incan goddess Mama Qucha. We are most attuned to the qualities of water as the elelment of water symbolically represents our emotions. Our emotions move us to make and percieve the world as we know it.
The beauty in this truth is found by observing water in all her properties and forms. Water is fluid and passes through cracks and flaws in hte ground without stress, moving around obstacles and patiently wearing away the most jagged rocks until they are smooth and gleaming. Water ebbs and flows, comes and goes in a powerful rhythmic motion as the seas and oceans reveal their promise of release and return. Water rises up from the ground and seeds the clouds, and then rains upon the earth to ensure growth and sustain life. Water turns to hard ice and blankets the world in a protective shell, even of soft snow, allowing the dormancy of life to herald a time of dreaming. Then the ice melts and the cycles begin again.
The answer to your question lies in determining what form of water reveals the conditions of your life and recognizing the next evolution of your life’s potential. If you’re in an ebb, you can expect a flow; if things are temporarily frozen, soon they will melt. If it seems that your world is too wet and temporary shelter is needed, you can expect new tgrowth and sunny days again. Mama Qocha reminds you that the waters of your life are perfect as they are now and just as perfect the way they will evolve. Unlimited potentioal is revealed when this goddess comes to visit”.

The weekend.

The last card is “Yuki Onna – Stillness” reversed or in this case it’s called alignment message, and it says “Some days you wake up frozen, stuck and unable to move due the effects of emotional denial and resistance to what is in front of you. Or maybe you are exhausted, spent from the emotional burden of your current situation. The winter goddess Yuki-Onna has come to help you move out of and past this experience into a healthier state of stillness.
When you are frozen, it’s the ego that is refusing to accept life on life’s terms, potentioally causing you fear and depression. A particular situation pr person may be causing you to see yourself as a victim. The goddess Yuki-Onna reminds you that this is but a temporary moment in the millions of moments of your life. The task she has for you is to answer one question: will you trust the Great Goddess in the universe to be your active partner in co-creating? If so, slow down and let all your troubles go, and you will see the miracles life has to offer you”.


I think this week is a good week to get both new ideas and then reflect on them to be able to transform. For that to happen we need to be in stillness and allow the goddesses and the univers to help us. Kinda fitting winter theme with this reading. Unfreezing might take some time, but will happen eventually. Thinking a little about Elsa in Frozen, who eventually learns how to control her powers.

What form of water are you now and which do you need to become?
Can you be in stillness to figure out what you need to do to “unfreeze” and move forward?