Ghazghkull Thraka – final reveal

Here’s some pics of my latest figure or figures, Ghazghkull Thraka and his standard bearer.

I’m quite happy with how it turned out, even though I made a few mistakes like assembling it fully before painting.

Ghazghkull Thraka – part 2

With the big guy done it was time to turn the attention to Makari the standard bearer.

It’s a bit hard to take good pics of him as he is leaning forward.

Both of them!

A little grass added.

I added a few details on Ghaz and now both are done!

I took pics for the final reveal, but wasn’t happy with how they turned out.

The colours doesn’t look quite right. I’ll take new pics with black or white background, I only need to move all the boxes that is covering them at the moment.

GhazGhkull Thraka – Ork hero boss – WH40k – Games Workshop.

I started building this kit in August. Probably at the build weekend I attended.
As with many of the other builds I did there, I more or less forgot to take proper pics, but let’s start with the box.

The first build pic was from the meeting.

Then everything got painted black.

In retrospect it was a bit of a mistake to build the whole figure as some parts are very hard to reach when painting.

A little bit of metal painted.

Once I got home a little more got painted.

This is a pic of all my boss figures.

Some stirland mud painted on the base.

After some detail painting on the base, some grass was added to the base.

And for the third time I’ve glued the broken thrown out shells.

Just some detail touching up to do and Ghaz is done.

Left to do is his standard bearer Makari.

Ork Trukk – WH40k- final reveal

This was a fairly quick build, even though the kit have a few problems with fit locations.
It’s no big problems to sort, and now this one is finished!

It would be fun to build one for one of the other clans and get a little more bright colours!

Combat Patrol – Orks – part 3

The boss and the dredd got some more paint.

The rest of the gang got primed!

The box with orks ended up following me to the build weekend. The dredd figure got some terrain and some more paint.

The boss also got some more paint.

The orks got some grey primer and a light white drybrush.

Then I started painting the skin green.

The deff koptas also got the same treatment.

Once I got home, I continued with the green colours adding more highlights.

Still some more to do with the skin. Then I’ll start painting their clothes and other details.
Just need to figure good colours for their pants and shirts. Since they’re goff I guess it would be mainly dark or perhaps black.

Combat Patrol – Orks – part 2

I’ve started painting them in black primer. The dreadnought also got some rust and metal colours. The boss figure also got some metal painted on the larger metal areas.

After that I assembled the Dredd and started adding more colours like the checker pattern, which wasn’t easy doing by freehand.

Eyes and a few other details left to do and I’ll also add some more rust here and there.
The boss figures got some dry brushing with grey and white.

I’ll start to paint the skin green and I’ll also finish priming the other orks so I can start painting them as well. Except for the checker patterns it’s a quite simple painting scheme mostly in black and metal.

Kustom Boosta-Blasta – part 2

I painted the driver, his boots and the hand part on the wheel.

Ork driver painted

Then I fit the seat, wheel and figure in place. It took a bit of fiddling to get it right.

Driver seated

I painted some flames on the rear side, and then did a test fit to see how the vehicle would look.

Buggy test fitted

I’ve finally painted the rest of the parts in metallic and got the figures ready to get painted.

Remaining parts painted

The figures got a green base cote and the valve covers got steel paint.

Figures base coted

I added the exhaust system and dry brushed that and the big gun and front tires.

Exhaust assembled and dry brushed

For starters the small goblin or whatever he is, needs to be finished so I can put him in place next to the driver. As I can’t close the cockpit until he is in place.

I’ll do some additional detail painting on the exhaust and some other parts like the big gun as well as paint the remaining figures. Hopefully this kit will be done soon. Still need to sort the base as well.

Kustom Boosta-Blasta – ork vehicle – Warhammer 40k

I bought this kit because I thought it looked cool.


I started by assembling the engine and mid body.

Main body and engine parts
Main body and engine parts

I painted the parts with black primer, then I used Vallejo’s black metal and painted selected areas.

Black metal painted
Black metal painted

Then I dry brushed the metal with a slightly brighter metal colour.

Nice and shiny!
Nice and shiny!

The rear tires was painted with tire black.

Tires painted
Tires painted

Then it was time to do some additional building, so the turret gunner and gun was built as well as all parts for the exhaust system, and the 2 goblins. I also added a few colours to the tanks on the main body.

More parts built
More parts built

Then those parts also got some primer, at least on one side.

Black primer
Black primer

The parts in the pic are only painted black. It’s just freshly painted giving it all a shiny look.

I masked the body parts and painted the rest red in different tones.

Body parts painted red
Body parts painted red

I thought using masking putty was an easy way of masking some more complicated areas, but as it turned out, the putty had covered more than I had expected.

Masking removed
Masking removed

Instead of masking everything again, I used a brush and filled in the areas where paint was missing. I also painted some details, and here is how it looks now.

Mostly done painting
Mostly done painting

I still need to paint some details, and still got figures and remaining parts to paint. At least the driver needs to be painted, so I can continue with assembly.